Jay’s Auto Sales has Affordable Fuel-Efficient Cars for Grads from Sterling, Ohio, Going off to College

by Fiona Vernon

People are motivated by the warm breezes of spring, but spring cleaning isn’t the only thing on their minds. Drivers from Abbeyville, Ohio, to Doylestown, Ohio, are also trying to organize their lives, starting with an upgrade and figuring out how to buy a used car. Maybe they’re a parent with a high school graduate who needs an affordable fuel-efficient car to use for college in the fall, wants a spacious SUV for their growing family, or even needs a reliable truck for hauling items during the workday. Anyone who needs a buy here pay here dealership to help them rebuild or establish their credit scores can rely on the in-house vehicle financing from Jay’s Auto Sales. This local used car lot lets any buyer with both good and bad credit get started from the comfort of their own home with an online car loan application. Jay’s Auto Sales knows how hard it is for drivers from Sterling, Ohio, to Montrose-Ghent, Ohio, to find quality used cars, so they make the process smooth by offering compassionate service and superior products. Visit them online, in person, or call 330.334.1080 to get started!

The internet makes it so much easier to buy a car when compared to even just a few years ago. Buyers are much more educated and can decide on a purchase before walking through the doors of a local used car lot. Jay’s Auto Sales is the perfect place to find the right vehicle for drivers from Doylestown to Sterling. It doesn’t matter if your graduate is going off to college next year or you need a car for to rebuild your credit score, this buy here pay here dealership has in-house vehicle financing on their already affordable spacious SUVs, reliable trucks, and fuel-efficient cars. They also offer tips on how to go about buying a used car.

  1. Buyers can determine how much vehicle they can afford with various online sources, such as monthly payment calculators. They must also remember to factor in costs they may not at first consider, like taxes, title, registration, and insurance.


  1. They can then search for the vehicle that matches the traits for which they’re looking. Do they need a sedan for a family of four? Maybe a two-door is good but one that meets high safety standards. Perhaps their teens are involved in many activities, so they need an SUV to haul backpacks and equipment. Whatever the need, research will narrow them down to a satisfactory vehicle.

  1. Visit the compassionate and knowledgeable staff at Jay’s Auto Sales to take it for a test drive. This is the fun part, seeing how great it feels to get behind the wheel of your future vehicle.


  1. Filling out the online car loan application from Jay’s is the next step. This will get the approval process started. While waiting, it will save time to collect the paperwork that may be necessary for the loan. This includes a valid Ohio driver’s license, a utility bill or other form that will prove residency, three most recent paystubs, five personal references, and proof of full coverage auto insurance.

Buyers from Montrose-Ghent to Abbeyville can be confident that they are receiving a high-quality used car when they trust Jay’s. They stand behind every vehicle with a 1,500-mile, 30-day warranty with a discount on any unexpected repairs from their comprehensive service department after that has expired.

Buying a car doesn’t have to include harassing salesmen and hassling for the desired price. Jay’s Auto Sales is a local used car lot that has helped credit challenged drivers from Sterling, Ohio, to Abbeyville, Ohio, since 1986 rebuild and establish their credit scores with their in-house vehicle financing. An astounding eight out of 10 previous customers return even when their credit has returned to a good rating. That’s how much this buy here pay here dealership is trusted for their quality used cars. Whether a family in Montrose-Ghent, Ohio, needs an affordable fuel-efficient car for their graduate to go off to college in the fall, a contractor in Doylestown, Ohio, needs a reliable truck to haul their tools, or a parent of teens needs a spacious SUV, they can all start by filling out the online car loan application from Jay’s Auto Sales, visit them in person, or call 330.334.1080.

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