Hudson, Ohio, Trusts First Glass Window and Door for Egress Window Installation to Improve a Home’s Safety

by Fiona Vernon

Owning a home is the goal for many people as they graduate college and get their first job. Homeowners get the advantage of having their own space, and they love knowing that their home continues to increase in value. For the best property value and improved safety, a home must be updated to local regulations, from electricity and wiring to the size of the windows. With homes moving toward the utilization of space for casual entertaining instead of having formal rooms, many are remodeling their basements to better accommodate their needs. Windows in basements need to meet specific safety standards, and there are different types that can do so. Egress windows supply a means of exit during emergencies and an entrance for first responders. First Glass Window and Door not only provides affordable energy efficient replacement, but they also offer financing on installation. Homeowners from Berlin Center, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who want to take advantage of the benefits of new windows, such as keeping utility bills low this summer while letting more natural light in, can rely on the experts at First Glass. Call 234.706.5094 for a free estimate.

Different types of basement windows exist, including walkout and daylight windows; however, when a homeowner from Berlin Center to Hudson wants to prioritize their family’s safety, they invest in egress windows. First Glass Window and Door offers affordable installation or replacement of every type of standard and custom energy efficient window. Perhaps someone wants to be able to entertain in their beautifully finished basement. They’ve placed a bar and pool table and want to be able to combine that with the grill and patio right out back. Large picture windows, casement, and sliding windows offer ample sunlight, while allowing guests to easily navigate their way between the inside and outside. Walkout windows allow more natural light to enter so that it’s almost indistinguishable from being upstairs.

The International Building Code requires two means of exit from all spaces in a building and should not exit through hazardous areas. If there is a sleeping area in the basement, it needs an egress window. They are located below ground level and have a well outside. They allow efficient exit for residents, as well as a means of entry for first responders. They are larger than typical windows for that reason and must meet measurement standards of a minimum opening area of 5.7 square feet under most circumstances. The required height is at least 24 inches and width of 20 inches, while the sill cannot be a maximum of more of 44 inches above the floor. When residents from Akron to Warrensville Heights want to update their home to regulations, this local window company can help improve any home’s safety. Additional benefits of new windows include keeping utility bills low this summer and increased property value, so call First Glass to inquire about financing on window installation.

There are many components that work together in any home from Berlin Center, Ohio, to Warrensville Heights, Ohio, for it to adequately protect a family. One way to update a home to meet local regulations is to call First Glass Window and Door for affordable installation of egress windows, which allow for easy entrance for first responders and uncomplicated escape for inhabitants in an emergency. This local window company provides not only various types of basement windows but also all other energy efficient standard or custom residential and commercial window and door replacements. They offer all the benefits that new windows have to offer, from an increase in property value and more natural light in a home to keeping utility bills low this summer. They even offer financing options on window installation. For comprehensive services that improve the safety of homes from Akron, Ohio, to Hudson, Ohio, call First Glass Window and Door at 234.706.5094 or visit their website.

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