Visit The Hoffman’s Water X Scapes Garden Center Display at The Big Home + Garden Show in Cleveland, Ohio

When it comes to water features or water gardens of any kind, there is only one water garden center that many in Northeast Ohio trust in terms of expert advice and specialized water garden supplies: Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center of Uniontown, Ohio. Not only has this family-owned garden center been a stable and contributing part of the Green, Ohio and Summit County, Ohio community for decades, they also work hard to provide interested customers with a large array of water feature and garden products, including water garden bubblers and outdoor fountains, various pond building and maintenance supplies, and the items necessary for proper feature installation and upkeep. In fact, a great way to get to know their products and expertise in the area of water features would be to visit the water feature display that they’ll have in The Big Home + Garden Show, which will take place at Cleveland, Ohio’s IX Center.

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