Visit The Hoffman’s Water X Scapes Garden Center Display at The Big Home + Garden Show in Cleveland, Ohio

When it comes to water features or water gardens of any kind, there is only one water garden center that many in Northeast Ohio trust in terms of expert advice and specialized water garden supplies: Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center of Uniontown, Ohio. Not only has this family-owned garden center been a stable and contributing part of the Green, Ohio and Summit County, Ohio community for decades, they also work hard to provide interested customers with a large array of water feature and garden products, including water garden bubblers and outdoor fountains, various pond building and maintenance supplies, and the items necessary for proper feature installation and upkeep. In fact, a great way to get to know their products and expertise in the area of water features would be to visit the water feature display that they’ll have in The Big Home + Garden Show, which will take place at Cleveland, Ohio’s IX Center.

Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center has been a vital part of the Green/Uniontown community since the business’s humble beginnings in 1949. What started out as a tree service company eventually developed into a landscaping company by 1985. By the mid 1990s, Hoffman’s Garden Center had added water gardens to its products and services, a great area of interest which has evolved tremendously since then. Just a couple of years ago, Hoffman’s Garden Center adopted the name of Water X Scapes in order to better incorporate their primary interest in water features. Today, they act as a full-service water garden center, providing water garden and feature enthusiasts with an array of products, including stone and ceramic bubblers, a variety of types of fountains, pond building and maintenance supplies, and fresh aquatic plants or water plants.

What makes Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center stand out from other landscaping and garden centers is their enthusiasm for what they do. It is obvious that the owners and associates of this local water garden center take great pride in the products and services that they offer, and go so far as to host numerous, free seminars on topics including pond construction, planning and design, pond-free water features, and care techniques for pond plants and ecosystems. They’ve developed such a reputation for themselves that hobbyists from Summit County, Northeast Ohio, and even other states travel to their garden center  in order to find the products, expertise, and insights that only Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center has to offer. Their outdoor display area, with over 100 water garden bubblers and outdoor fountains, is worth the trip in and of itself!

Of course, it’s one thing to hear about all of the lovely products and services that Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center can provide, but how would you like to experience their creativity and expertise up close and in person? Luckily for all who are interested, Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center will be featured at this year’s Big Home + Garden Show, which will be taking place at Cleveland’s IX Center from Friday February 6th through Sunday February 15th. The water feature display that they will have this year is designed as a healing garden, modeled after the Schneider Healing Garden at University Hospital’s Seidman Cancer Center. Aside from being able to expect some wonderfully relaxing sights and sounds, their display will feature six soothing water features including, three Basalt bubbling rock fountains, a two-tier Parisian fountain, over 200 colorful, fragrant spring flowers, as well as a gentle stream flowing into a koi pond. This is one feature exhibit that you won’t want to miss.

Whether you are new to the concept of water gardens and water features, or are already a seasoned water garden hobbyist, you are sure to find some new and interesting things to see while visiting the Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center Koi pond and water feature display at The Big Home + Garden Show in Cleveland, Ohio. If you would like to find out more about this Northeast Ohio family-run water garden center, which is located in the lovely town of Green, Ohio, don’t hesitate to visit their company website at There, you can browse through many of the products that they carry, including pond building and maintenance supplies and outdoor fountains. If that’s not enough, feel free to stop by their Summit County, Ohio store in person to see their water garden bubbler display, or check them out on Facebook!

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