Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. Has Been the Copley Area’s Go-to Lawn Mower Shop for Nearly Four Decades

sohars_logoBy Gemma Chriss

For many people, shopping for outdoor power tools can be a difficult task. Though you can find a wide assortment of weed eaters and hedge trimmers online, you miss out on the expert advice you’d get by visiting a local outdoor equipment store like Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. This family-owned and operated establishment has been serving the greater Copley, Ohio area for nearly four decades, providing customers with the tools they need to keep their yards in good condition. Since spring has just started to make its presence known, residents throughout the Mantua, Ohio and Ravenna, Ohio areas can look forward to many yard equipment deals from this nearby lawn mower shop.

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Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. of Macedonia Offers Tips on Spring Lawn Mower Shopping


By Gemma Chriss

When it comes to investing in a new lawn mower, there are a number of things to take into consideration. The size of a yard, the terrain, and the amount of time an individual wants to spend on this chore should all factor into the final decision. With spring just around the corner, residents throughout Twinsburg, Ohio and Aurora, Ohio have already started to shop for new lawn care tools, and much of that shopping is done at Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. in Macedonia, Ohio. To make things easier for homeowners who are on the hunt for push mowers for sale, this local business explains why a self-propelled mower is often the best choice.

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Discover How You Can Become an Artificial Turf Dealer with Help from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio near Canton, Ohio

SYNLawn_LogoSince the climate in Ohio can vary from week to week, it’s often difficult for residential and commercial property owners to maintain their lawns. To avoid the unattractive look of dead grass, many Akron, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio natives have turned to artificial turf as a maintenance-free alternative to regular lawns. Products like those from SYNLawn have experienced a significant growth in popularity, making them a worthwhile investment for contractors and landscapers throughout the greater Canton, Ohio area. By choosing to offer such high-quality landscaping supplies, you can expand your client base to include those in need of golf greens, playground surfaces, rooftop deck coverings, and more. Fortunately for you, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is not only a well-known installer, but a synthetic grass distributor that has provided countless businesses with the opportunity to increase their profits.

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Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. in Macedonia, Ohio Is the Place to Go for Snow Blower Maintenance

sohar_storefrontClearing the driveway in front of your Hudson, Ohio or Brecksville, Ohio home seems pretty simple in theory. However, many people don’t realize that in order to get the best possible results, snow blower maintenance must be made a top priority. There are certain tasks you need to perform after every use if you want to get the most out of your snow blower. Fortunately for you, the professionals at Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. in Macedonia, Ohio can offer up some helpful advice. As the go-to place for snow blower service, including tune-ups and part replacement, Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. is more than qualified to provide you with tips on how to clean, store, and care for your power equipment.

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Prepare for the Coming Snow with Winter Equipment from Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Northfield, Ohio

sohar_storefrontThough we didn’t see much snow during the month of December, that doesn’t mean the rest of the season will follow the same pattern. Those who live around the Glenwillow, Ohio and Twinsburg, Ohio areas know that the real precipitation won’t begin to fall until later on in the season. Since we can expect to receive a fair amount of snow, ice, and sleet from now until March, it’s best to have your winter equipment ready to go. If your snow removal tools have been sitting in your garage since last season, you may want to pay a visit to Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Northfield, Ohio. The experienced technicians at this local establishment can provide you with the snow blower tune-up you need to ensure your machine is working properly. Plus, they have a wide selection of new and used snow blowers to choose from if you’re looking to upgrade from your old model.

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Learn about Snow Blower Maintenance from Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Aurora, Ohio

sohar_storefrontThe weather so far this season has been a little unusual to say the least. However, those of us around the Twinsburg, Ohio and Northfield, Ohio areas can still expect to see plenty of snow and ice this winter. Since you’ll undoubtedly spend hours clearing the driveway and sidewalk in front of your home, now may be a good time to learn about snow blower maintenance. And who better to teach you than the experts at Sohar’s All Season Mower Service? As the leading provider of winter tools and other outdoor power equipment around the Aurora, Ohio area, Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. knows quite a bit about seasonal property care and the tools associated with it. Not only can they offer tips on how to extend the life of your machine, but they can also provide you with the snow blower parts you’ll eventually need.

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Be Prepared This Holiday Season with Winter Tools from Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Solon, Ohio

sohars_logoThe holiday season is upon us, and it seems like everyone is doing something different to celebrate. Some individuals will be flying halfway across the world just to enjoy Christmas with their loved ones, while others will only have to drive a few miles in order to spend time with their family. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your Hudson, Ohio or Peninsula, Ohio home at all! For those of you who plan on spending the holidays at home, you may want to take this opportunity to pick up a few winter tools that will prove to be especially useful around this time of year. Portable generators, heavy-duty snow blowers, and power pruners can really come in handy, which is why Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. has a wide selection of such power equipment available. By taking the short trip over to this Solon, Ohio area retailer, you can pick up a few pieces of equipment that will allow you to care for your yard, as well as ensure the comfort and safety of your family.

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Prepare for the Coming Winter with Snow Removal Tools from Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Stow, Ohio

sohars_logoIt won’t be long before the streets are covered in a fine dusting of snow, which means it’s in your best interest to get all of your snow removal gear together sooner rather than later. According to the latest edition of the Farmers’ Almanac, those of us around the Everett, Ohio and Independence, Ohio areas can expect to feel a sense of déjà vu as this winter will be very similar to last year’s. “Snow filled and frigid” is how they’re describing the coming season, so you can look forward to doing quite a bit of physical labor in order to keep your driveway clear over the next few months. Fortunately, Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. can help cut down on the back-breaking work by providing you with the electric or gas-powered snow blower you need. This local retailer near Stow, Ohio carries a large inventory of power equipment, so it should come as no surprise to learn they have a variety of snow blowers for sale to fit every budget.

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Learn about Lawn Equipment Storage from Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Northfield, Ohio

sohars_logoSince winter is right around the corner, now is a good time to begin thinking about lawn equipment storage. As a result of the heavy snow and ice we’re sure to receive this coming season, chances are the only piece of power equipment you’ll be using is a snow blower. That means you need to pack up the rest of your tools so they’ll be ready to go next spring. However, before shoving everything into the shed, you really should perform some basic mower/leaf blower maintenance. The experts from Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Northfield, Ohio will be the first ones to tell you that caring for your machinery properly is the best way to protect your investment. By following the advice of these mower sales & service professionals, you can learn how to tend to your equipment correctly so you won’t have any problems when you go to cut your Hudson, Ohio or Sagamore Hills, Ohio lawn next spring.

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Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. near Twinsburg, Ohio Offers Leaf Removal Tips

sohars_logoWe can all agree that fall yard cleanup isn’t the most enjoyable task of the season. Chances are you prefer watching the leaves change colors than having to rake them up after they fall to the ground. Unfortunately, this outdoor chore is necessary if you want to keep your lawn in good condition. But what do you do with the leaves once you’ve gathered them into a pile? Do you burn them? Use them as mulch? Bag them up and set them on the curb for trash pickup? There are all kinds of leaf removal options out there, which can make your task even more difficult. Luckily for you, Sohar’s All Season Mower Service, Inc. can offer some helpful advice. In addition to selling power equipment, such as brand-name leaf blowers, this home improvement store near Twinsburg, Ohio provides customers with all kinds of yard-related tips. When you take the short trip from your Solon, Ohio or Brecksville, Ohio home to pick up a new leaf blower, you can also discover the best way to dispose of the leaves currently covering your lawn.

Sohars All Season_Fall Leaves

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