Neubert Painting Knows the Importance of Painting Prep Work in Avon, Ohio

Painting can sometimes be our least favorite remodeling job to do, and it’s usually of how much time we spend just prepping for it. Nearly 85% of all painting is primarily painting prep work, so Neubert Painting can understand why some people put it off. Don’t let your Avon, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, or Westlake, Ohio home suffer in appearance inside or out because you’d rather just skip all the extra steps. Though skipping these steps can sound like a good idea, Neubert Painting knows that it can actually cause more work, like peeling paint. To prevent peeling paint on whatever surface of your home –exterior or interior—be sure you remove loose paint, sand if puttied, and surface wash before ever painting over it. Once you start painting, make sure you prime it at least once, and then place two coats of your ideal color over top to get a solid, beautiful color for your room. However, there are many more steps than just these brief ones mentioned that you should follow.

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