Scott Talbot Salonspa in Canton and Akron Helps Individuals Reduce Wrinkles with Their New Spa Treatment

SalonSpa_CantonBy Fiona Vernon

Many individuals throughout Northeast Ohio are striving to refresh their appearance for spring—especially for special events like weddings, engagement parties, and reunions. Unfortunately, there are some that feel the only way to tone, sculpt, or lift their face is through risky and invasive surgical procedures. At Scott Talbot Salonspa –located at 4080 Fulton Dr. NW in Canton, Ohio and 1041 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. in Akron, Ohio–their customers can get the refreshed look they want without having to go under the knife thanks to their 5-Minute Facelift service.

This service is made possible through the NuFACE Trinity Pro unit Scott Talbot Salonspa has recently invested in. These FDA-cleared and clinically-tested units use microcurrent technology to improve facial contour and facial tone. With its infrared attachment, the NuFACE Trinity Pro can also act as an anti-aging treatment by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Although many spa facial treatments take multiple treatments before they show results, effective results can be seen immediately with just one 5 minute session with the NuFACE Trinity Pro. For this reason, this quality device is often used by celebrities before red carpet events and award shows to give their face a more refreshed appearance.

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