Scott Talbot Salonspa in Canton and Akron Helps Individuals Reduce Wrinkles with Their New Spa Treatment

SalonSpa_CantonBy Fiona Vernon

Many individuals throughout Northeast Ohio are striving to refresh their appearance for spring—especially for special events like weddings, engagement parties, and reunions. Unfortunately, there are some that feel the only way to tone, sculpt, or lift their face is through risky and invasive surgical procedures. At Scott Talbot Salonspa –located at 4080 Fulton Dr. NW in Canton, Ohio and 1041 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. in Akron, Ohio–their customers can get the refreshed look they want without having to go under the knife thanks to their 5-Minute Facelift service.

This service is made possible through the NuFACE Trinity Pro unit Scott Talbot Salonspa has recently invested in. These FDA-cleared and clinically-tested units use microcurrent technology to improve facial contour and facial tone. With its infrared attachment, the NuFACE Trinity Pro can also act as an anti-aging treatment by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Although many spa facial treatments take multiple treatments before they show results, effective results can be seen immediately with just one 5 minute session with the NuFACE Trinity Pro. For this reason, this quality device is often used by celebrities before red carpet events and award shows to give their face a more refreshed appearance.

SalonSpa_58Right now, Scott Talbot Salonspa has NuFACE Trinity Pro units available for sale at their salon. Even though there are many locations that offer NuFACE devices, only a local salon and spa like that of Scott Talbot Salonspa in Canton and Akron can actually sell this 400 mega hertz unit for individuals to use in the comfort of their own Northeast Ohio home. After all, the visible results this device provides can be long-lasting when used continuously. By being able to purchase one of these units, more clients of Scott Talbot Salonspa from Cleveland, Akron, and throughout the region are able to maintain and improve their results with a simple 5-minute session at home each day.

SalonSpa_51Of course, this toning and anti-aging treatment won’t be able to show the results an individual desires without the use of the proper facial gel to act as a conductor. Without the gel, the use of the NuFACE Trinity Pro could cause the skin to become irritated and shocked. Luckily, Scott Talbot Salonspa offers a couple gels for this unit, including a toning 24 karat gold gel that absorbs into the skin to brighten areas of hyperpigmentation like that of age spots. In this way, this local salon and spa is able to help more individuals bring the spa facial treatment and results they enjoy to their very own home in Cleveland, Akron, and beyond.

Alongside this product, Scott Talbot Salonspa carries a line of Bioelements skin care products. Of these products, their Bioelements Plump Start antioxidant treatment is one of the most popular. This anti-aging treatment helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improves fullness, and gives skin a smoother appearance. This is because the hydration this plum-infused antioxidant treatment provides penetrates the skin where it is needed to properly reduce wrinkles and other crevices forming in the skin. Most importantly, this product – like the NuFACE Trinity Pro—is non-invasive, affordable, and can provide clients with the refreshed appearance they want to enhance their appearance as well as their self-confidence this spring.

To learn more about Scott Talbot Salonspa, visit their website at Otherwise, feel free to call or stop by one of their physical locations today to speak with one of their friendly staff members.

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