Anyone in Uhrichsville, Ohio, can Visit AJ’s Transmissions for Affordable Racing Transmission Rebuilds

By Fiona Vernon

It’s racing season, and everything is fast and hot! Heat is the main concern when pushing the limits of any high-performance transmission, and AJ’s Transmissions is ready to customize any racing transmission to withstand the punishment that drivers from Lorain, Ohio, to Uhrichsville, Ohio, will put upon them. This local transmission shop has been racing for years and understands the needs of high-performance car owners. They have been serving the Akron, Ohio, community for over 25 years with their affordable transmission repairs and rebuilds not only for the motorhead that views their stock car as their pride and joy, but also for everything from commercial vehicles to the family car with car repair financing. They also have partnered with firms that can help everyone get back behind the wheel quicker with their car repair financing. Whether the average Joe in and around Medina, Ohio, finds fluid on the ground where they last parked, or a fellow racer with a street rod finds that their vehicle is not shifting smoothly, AJ’s Transmissions can build any transmission!

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