Anyone in Uhrichsville, Ohio, can Visit AJ’s Transmissions for Affordable Racing Transmission Rebuilds

By Fiona Vernon

It’s racing season, and everything is fast and hot! Heat is the main concern when pushing the limits of any high-performance transmission, and AJ’s Transmissions is ready to customize any racing transmission to withstand the punishment that drivers from Lorain, Ohio, to Uhrichsville, Ohio, will put upon them. This local transmission shop has been racing for years and understands the needs of high-performance car owners. They have been serving the Akron, Ohio, community for over 25 years with their affordable transmission repairs and rebuilds not only for the motorhead that views their stock car as their pride and joy, but also for everything from commercial vehicles to the family car with car repair financing. They also have partnered with firms that can help everyone get back behind the wheel quicker with their car repair financing. Whether the average Joe in and around Medina, Ohio, finds fluid on the ground where they last parked, or a fellow racer with a street rod finds that their vehicle is not shifting smoothly, AJ’s Transmissions can build any transmission!

Gearheads from Uhrichsville to Medina get chills when they here that satisfying clunk as their racing transmission slams into gear! The main point of a street rod transmission is that everything is customized for ease of use — including the use of helical gears cut at an angle to promote it being quieter and engaging smoothly. High-performance transmissions use toothed brass rings in between gears, or synchros, to synchronize the shifts, which is the reason it isn’t necessary to perfectly rev-match to shift on an everyday vehicle. When someone wants to push a stock transmission past the power with which it’s designed to deliver, slamming through every gear and sending a load of power to the wheels, the driver can rely on the experts at AJ’s Transmissions in Akron. This local transmission shop can either provide an affordable transmission rebuild to ensure the proper clutch pack, converter, and solenoids are being used for a racing transmission or for an affordable transmission repair when they blow the stock one that they are pushing!

Whereas a clunk may be appealing when a race car slams into gear, it isn’t the greatest thing to hear when it happens in the family car! Whether a mom in Lorain relies on her Toyota Camry to deliver the children safely to and from school or a sales rep is on the road Monday through Friday with their Jeep Liberty, AJ’s Transmissions can help anyone who notices fluid on the ground where they last parked or that their vehicle is not shifting smoothly. Anyone can visit this local transmission shop for fast, free transmission diagnostics, as well as the security of knowing that they have partnered with various companies for car repair financing to relieve the pressure of being able to get back on the road quickly and avoid a disruption of work and normal life. Their rebuilt transmissions come with a standard one-year, 15,000-mile parts and labor guarantee, as well as being able to offer extended warranties that go up to three years and 45,000 miles.

The weather is motivating people to go enjoy outdoor adventures, and motorheads from Lorain, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, are ready for racing season. Whether a racing transmission needs an affordable rebuild to get it prepared for the punishment about to be put upon it or a husband needs affordable transmission repair for their Honda, AJ’s Transmissions excels at standard and high-performance transmissions. This local transmission shop offers car repair financing for drivers from Uhrichsville, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, for those that find their vehicle is no longer shifting very smoothly or there is fluid on the ground where it was last parked. One call or visit to AJ’s Transmissions can get anyone back to their normal routines quickly, whether it’s to the track on Saturday night or simply to work and back!
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