Trust Backyard Family Furniture of Berne, Indiana, to Provide Your Children with a Play Mor Quality Swing Set

If you’ve decided to purchase playground equipment for your Muncie, Indiana; Portland, Indiana; or Marion, Indiana, backyard, you may find that it’s not as easy as one would think. While there are a number of mass merchants out there that sell outdoor play sets, they’re often made with metal or plastic—materials that don’t offer much in the way of durability or safety. Fortunately for local residents, Backyard Family Furniture in Berne, Indiana, not only sells garages, storage sheds, and poly furniture, but play structures as well! Hand-crafted by the expert woodworkers at Play Mor, these wooden play sets are a step above anything you may find online or at your nearby big box store. Rather than risk your little ones’ safety with a low-quality swing set, why not find out what Backyard Family Furniture and their selection of Play Mor Swing Sets products have to offer?

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