Trust Backyard Family Furniture of Berne, Indiana, to Provide Your Children with a Play Mor Quality Swing Set

If you’ve decided to purchase playground equipment for your Muncie, Indiana; Portland, Indiana; or Marion, Indiana, backyard, you may find that it’s not as easy as one would think. While there are a number of mass merchants out there that sell outdoor play sets, they’re often made with metal or plastic—materials that don’t offer much in the way of durability or safety. Fortunately for local residents, Backyard Family Furniture in Berne, Indiana, not only sells garages, storage sheds, and poly furniture, but play structures as well! Hand-crafted by the expert woodworkers at Play Mor, these wooden play sets are a step above anything you may find online or at your nearby big box store. Rather than risk your little ones’ safety with a low-quality swing set, why not find out what Backyard Family Furniture and their selection of Play Mor Swing Sets products have to offer?

Backyard Family Furniture is proud to carry wooden play sets from Play Mor along with their extensive inventory of outdoor living products. Made from treated Southern yellow pine, these play structures are specifically designed to last for years of play. As the lumber used by Play Mor Swing Sets’ experienced woodworkers is top quality, parents can have peace of mind knowing that the set their children play on will not fall apart after a mere season or two.

In addition to their strong frames, the quality swing sets from this Berne retailer have a number of safety features that other playground equipment may lack. With soft-grip swing chains, textured ladder rungs, double-walled slides, rounded edges, and more, these outdoor play sets are made for safe, enjoyable playtime. By putting one of these wooden play sets in your own Muncie, Portland, or Marion backyard, you can be sure that your little ones will have the safest set possible.

Purchasing your outdoor play set from Backyard Family Furniture will not only ensure that you get the best playground equipment for your children, but that you will have a hassle-free buying experience. The staff members at Backyard Family Furniture are committed to exceeding their customers’ expectations in everything they do. Along with helping you to select the Play Mor quality swing set that best fits your needs, you can also look forward to this retailer delivering and installing your set in a timely manner. Plus, both the seller and manufacturer offer exceptional warranties on their products to help protect you from certain defects and damage.

If a play structure is on your list of things to buy for your little ones, look no further than Backyard Family Furniture! Having the complete line of Play Mor quality swing sets available for purchase, this local retailer will give you the opportunity to purchase a train, castle, tree-house, or boat set for your children to enjoy for years to come! To learn more about Backyard Family Furniture and what they can offer you in terms of playground equipment, visit their website at You can also visit the manufacturer’s website at for additional information about these wooden play sets. But to see these outdoor play sets in person to choose the model that will best fit your Muncie, Indiana; Portland, Indiana; or Marion, Indiana, yard, take the quick trip over to Backyard Family Furniture.

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