Learn about the Best Draft Horse Feed for Your Animal from Ohio-Based Direct Action Company

Whether they’re working in the fields or competing in pulling events, draft horses typically expend quite a bit of energy. Since the work these horses perform is often strenuous in nature, healthy draft horse feed is a must. It’s important for owners to have an understanding of nutrient requirements according to age, size, work, and reproductive state. Otherwise, not only can your horse’s performance suffer, but their overall health and wellbeing too. But draft horse care requires more than just providing grains and grass; incorporating additional equine supplies into your horse’s daily regimen can make the difference between a sluggish horse and one that is fully prepared to work. Ohio-based Direct Action Company encourages owners to research quality horse supplements as a way of enhancing the feed they’re already using. With products like Total Performance and Orange, DAC allows draft horse owners in Washington, Minnesota, New York, and throughout the country to improve their animals’ physical condition.

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