Find Exquisite Diamond Rings of Various Cuts at Biris Jewelers near Massillon, Ohio

There are a number of things to look for when shopping for diamond rings, one of which is the cut of the gem itself. When we talk about grading diamonds, the cut refers to the gem’s reflective qualities. The angles and finish of the diamond determine its brilliance and shine. However, there is another definition of the term “cut” when describing diamonds. This is the actual shape of the stone. Over the years, there have been a wide variety of cuts, some of which are still popular today. When you take the trip from your Alliance, Ohio or Louisville, Ohio home to a vintage jewelry store like Biris Jewelers, you’ll find such styles as rose, table, princess, and old European cut diamonds. But while some people believe that the best diamond jewelry has a certain cut, the truth is that it’s a personal preference. So, if you’re shopping for accessories to give to a loved one, you’ll appreciate the fact that the staff members at Biris Jewelers near Massillon, Ohio will help you find the right piece based on your significant other’s own style.

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