Start a Cosmetology Career with the Help of Wooster Beauty College in Wayne County, Ohio.

Are you ready for a change in your life? If you’re feeling trapped in a dead end job or simply find yourself looking for something that makes you feel good about yourself, consider enrolling at Wooster Beauty College. This Wayne County, Ohio school of cosmetology is happy to offer those in the surrounding areas the opportunity to get the cosmetology career they’ve always wanted. With so many great opportunities in this one location, what’s holding you back from starting the career you’ve always wanted? Each month, Wooster Beauty College offers new classes to help you get started on the career you’ve always wanted using hands-on and classroom activities.

Wooster Beauty College also offers a variety of client services to those in the Ashland, Ohio area and beyond! Wouldn’t it be nice to take a few of your friends from the Wadsworth, Ohio area and have a spa day?  Here, you can get spa treatments such as facials at a price much lower than that of other salons. Not only will you get the great spa services you love, but you’ll help senior students better their skills as a cosmetologist.

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