Take Advantage of the Preventative Maintenance Program from Atlanta, Georgia-Based Fitness Equipment Sales

Anyone who has ever been in charge of a health club, athletic facility, or multi-unit housing community is familiar with the frustration that goes along with having broken machines. While having a clean, fully functioning workout area is a great selling feature, having “Out of Order” signs on one or more machines within your Montgomery, Alabama or Chattanooga, Tennessee establishment can cost you business. So take the appropriate measures to ensure that your equipment remains in good condition. Helping you avoid “Out of Order” signs that affect your business is just one reason why Atlanta, Georgia-based Fitness Equipment Sales developed their Preventative Maintenance Program for commercial facilities like yours. With this service, businesses can receive regular inspections of their commercial treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, strength equipment and other machines from experienced fitness equipment technicians. By utilizing this program, not only will you satisfy users by keeping your commercial cardio and strength equipment in excellent shape, but you will also save money on any commercial workout machine repairs you may require in the future.

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