Take Advantage of the Preventative Maintenance Program from Atlanta, Georgia-Based Fitness Equipment Sales

Anyone who has ever been in charge of a health club, athletic facility, or multi-unit housing community is familiar with the frustration that goes along with having broken machines. While having a clean, fully functioning workout area is a great selling feature, having “Out of Order” signs on one or more machines within your Montgomery, Alabama or Chattanooga, Tennessee establishment can cost you business. So take the appropriate measures to ensure that your equipment remains in good condition. Helping you avoid “Out of Order” signs that affect your business is just one reason why Atlanta, Georgia-based Fitness Equipment Sales developed their Preventative Maintenance Program for commercial facilities like yours. With this service, businesses can receive regular inspections of their commercial treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, strength equipment and other machines from experienced fitness equipment technicians. By utilizing this program, not only will you satisfy users by keeping your commercial cardio and strength equipment in excellent shape, but you will also save money on any commercial workout machine repairs you may require in the future.

The Preventative Maintenance Program from Atlanta-based FES is designed to maximize the benefit you will get from your commercial cardio and strength equipment. Just as your vehicle requires regular oil changes and other maintenance from a knowledgeable mechanic, the machines in your Montgomery or Chattanooga workout facility need to be inspected by a professional fitness equipment technician to ensure that everything is working properly. For some business owners, this sounds like an unnecessary expense. However, you’ll quickly find that this program more than pays for itself by limiting the frequency and cost of commercial workout machine repairs. It will also prolong the useful life of your commercial fitness equipment, which certainly will save you money as well.

Regardless of where you initially purchased your commercial treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, strength equipment or other machines, you have the opportunity to take advantage of FESPreventative Maintenance Program and everything it offers. For an unsupervised, moderate-use facility, quarterly visits are recommended. In a high-traffic environment, more regular maintenance may be required. During FES’ preventative maintenance visit, all equipment covered under the agreement will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected according to manufacturer guidelines. The fitness equipment technician will also perform diagnostics and troubleshoot any potential problems with your equipment. Additionally, any minor repair and all scheduled fitness equipment lubrication will be performed at no cost to you. And if more substantial repairs are needed, you won’t be billed for the return trip-charge.

Though FESPreventative Maintenance Program will help you save on commercial workout machine repairs, it will also allow you to create a safe workout environment within your Montgomery, Alabama or Chattanooga, Tennessee facility and limit potential liability. As an added bonus, receiving regular inspections from a fitness equipment technician through this program will make your commercial treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and other machines eligible for their buy-back program. This will guarantee you a future trade-in credit of up to $1,000 per unit, provided your commercial cardio and/or strength equipment is within the age and usage guidelines. To learn more about the maintenance package from Atlanta, Georgia-based Fitness Equipment Sales, visit their website at www.fitnessequipmentsales.com or give them a call at 770.908.0000.

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