Fitness Facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, can Rely on Fitness Equipment Sales for Preventative Maintenance & Repair

By Fiona Vernon

New Year’s Eve represents the end of one part of someone’s life and the beginning of the next, and many individuals from Birmingham, Alabama, to Atlanta, Georgia, reevaluate the choices that have impacted their lives. With approximately 34% of Americans being considered obese by the CDC, the #1 New Year’s resolution couldn’t be more important — the goal to either lose weight or exercise more. Looking through a fitness facility window on January 2nd is all the proof anyone needs to realize the truth to that statistic and the resulting New Year commitments. Fitness Equipment Sales is the oldest commercial fitness company in Georgia and offers a vast array of commercial fitness machines, fitness facility maintenance, repair, and preventative maintenance options for when business is booming and the “out of order” sign needs to stay off the gym equipment. Any fitness facility from Jacksonville, Florida, to Hilton Head, South Carolina, can rely on Fitness Equipment Sales to deliver, install, and maintain the top brand names in commercial treadmills, ellipticals, lateral trainers, and more so that they can offer a wide selection of commercial gym equipment on which to work out for every person desiring to improve their health!

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