Fitness Facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, can Rely on Fitness Equipment Sales for Preventative Maintenance & Repair

By Fiona Vernon

New Year’s Eve represents the end of one part of someone’s life and the beginning of the next, and many individuals from Birmingham, Alabama, to Atlanta, Georgia, reevaluate the choices that have impacted their lives. With approximately 34% of Americans being considered obese by the CDC, the #1 New Year’s resolution couldn’t be more important — the goal to either lose weight or exercise more. Looking through a fitness facility window on January 2nd is all the proof anyone needs to realize the truth to that statistic and the resulting New Year commitments. Fitness Equipment Sales is the oldest commercial fitness company in Georgia and offers a vast array of commercial fitness machines, fitness facility maintenance, repair, and preventative maintenance options for when business is booming and the “out of order” sign needs to stay off the gym equipment. Any fitness facility from Jacksonville, Florida, to Hilton Head, South Carolina, can rely on Fitness Equipment Sales to deliver, install, and maintain the top brand names in commercial treadmills, ellipticals, lateral trainers, and more so that they can offer a wide selection of commercial gym equipment on which to work out for every person desiring to improve their health!

Everyone following their New Year’s resolutions to get into shape should be applauded, and they will find the key to success is to keep themselves in a mindset that will reflect the passion they feel on January 1st. There a few things that any fitness facility can do to help their clients stay on track with their fitness goals, which also benefits any commercial fitness company by creating dedicated fitness enthusiasts that remain at the gym. Fitness Equipment Sales can help any facility from Jacksonville to Atlanta offer the variety that keep’s clients interested with their wide selection of commercial fitness machines, from treadmills to lateral trainers. Having mirrors in strategic places allows people to analyze and correct their form, as well as let them view their body, keeping them motivated to alter features with which they aren’t satisfied. A convenient layout of one’s facility will keep individuals rotating smoothly through the January rush of people, and Fitness Equipment Sales excels at fitness facility design.

Managers of fitness facilities, whether they are a public gym or one in a community housing complex, know that January to February is the busiest time of the year, so they may want to go into workout season with finely tuned commercial gym equipment. Fitness Equipment Sales can help anyone from Hilton Head to Birmingham needing affordable fitness facility maintenance and repair; additionally, they offer preventative maintenance options that are designed to maximize the benefit each facility will receive from their machines. Those options will limit the cost and frequency of repairs, while keeping each piece working safely and efficiently. The frequency of preventative maintenance visits is related to the age of each facility’s commercial fitness machines, as well as the gym’s expected usage and the type of equipment. Having every stationary bike and rower performing at its peak will keep “out of order” signs in the closet and off the machines.

The busiest time of the year is fast approaching for gyms from Atlanta, Georgia, to Hilton Head, South Carolina, and anyone who is looking to go into the New Year’s resolution season with efficient and safe commercial fitness machines can call Fitness Equipment Sales for their fitness facility maintenance. Gyms from Jacksonville, Florida, to Birmingham, Alabama, can offer options that keep both new and existing clients interested with this commercial fitness company’s vast array of choices — including commercial treadmills, lateral trainers, ellipticals, and strength training equipment. Facilities that haven’t invested in preventative maintenance options may consider doing so to keep their commercial gym equipment functioning optimally. Anyone who has relied on the reputable products and services from Fitness Equipment Sales can attest to the fact that they can decrease the downtimes of any machine.

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