Gearheads in Akron, Ohio, Can Trust Gearstar Performance Transmission for a Custom Turbo 350 Transmission

By Fiona Vernon

Everyone has differing opinions on what might be the most impressive muscle car, and the media has even created lists of favorites over the years. A motorhead in Cleveland, Ohio, may love the light, simply styled ‘68 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with its 428 big-block under the hood, and another in Annapolis, Maryland, may be obsessed with their ‘70 Olds 442 with its 455 big-block V-8 that can hit 60mph in six seconds. Regardless of the make and model, Gearstar Performance Transmissions in Akron, Ohio, manufactures high-performance automatic transmissions that will handle engines from 100 horsepower to 1,000+ and custom converters for street rods and hotrods, classics and collectibles. This custom manufacturing company has gearheads covered with their Ford, Mopar, and GM performance transmissions, such as the Turbo 350 transmission, or TH350. Each one is assembled with only the best American-made performance parts and put through rigorous testing to ensure its perfect function before it ever leaves the facility. Past customers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and beyond can attest to the fact that they offer extensive knowledge and treat each custom manufactured transmission as if it were going into their own vehicle.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions knows that anyone from Annapolis to Cleveland with a muscle car has invested more than just finances into their baby, but also their heart and soul. This custom manufacturing company puts the same amount of love into their high-performance automatic transmissions that any gearhead does. Each custom remanufactured transmission, from Ford to Mopar, is fabricated to the exact specifications of the needs of each car by a single builder from start to finish. The expert technician doesn’t pull a pre-made transmission from a shelf in the backroom, but assembles it using only the best American-made parts. Their high-performance automatic transmissions are manufactured to coincide with the precise needs of the engine, horsepower and torque output, rear gear ratio, weight of the vehicle, its intended function, and circumference of the rear wheel and tire. Each transmission and custom converter are extensively dyno-tested the equivalent of 100 miles to ensure that it will never leave the facility at less than optimal operation.

Perhaps a car enthusiast in Pittsburgh has rebuilt a ‘66 Chevy Chevelle and is in search of a Turbo 350 transmission, or TH350, that can handle the 327 V-8 and its 350 horsepower. Only one custom manufacturing company can be trusted to match the specs involved in creating the perfect GM performance transmission and that’s Gearsport Performance Transmissions in Akron. The 3-speed automatic Turbo 350 transmission was introduced in 1969, developed by Chevrolet and Buick cooperatively, and replaced the GM Powerglide automatic transmission, which was used for 23 years. The TH350 was used in almost every GM rear wheel drive car and truck during its commission of 15 years; additionally, the TH350-C was introduced in 1979 with the lockup torque converter capability included. The TH350 hasn’t been in production since 1984 but had gained its popularity for a variety of reasons – including its strength, versatility, and especially its extra gear. It is still used for many classic cars, and the maximum torque that it can handle is dependent upon its application, requiring modification to adequately perform for the additional torque of stronger engines. It is ideal for rear-wheel drive vehicles, since it is longitudinally mounted and boasts a shorter length. One of the five expert technicians at Gearsport Performance Transmissions can build a level 2, 3, or 4 Turbo 350 transmission with custom torque converters specific to any classic or collectible with one phone call.

Any gearhead from Cleveland, Ohio, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who has put their time and energy into building the classic car of their dreams wants to know that whoever they commission for a high-performance automatic transmission will put their love into it like they would. Gearsport Performance Transmissions in Akron, Ohio, has expert technicians that dedicate their efforts to the custom GM, Ford, or Mopar remanufactured performance transmissions or custom converters that suit any muscle car’s specifications. Anyone from Annapolis, Maryland, and beyond can call this custom manufacturing company for the transmission to correspond to their needs, including the Turbo 350 transmission, or TH350. Individuals who have used Gearsport Performance Transmissions in the past can attest to the fact that they do it right the first time.
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