MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in Akron Has Adult Dance Classes and More Planned for This Summer

MacConmara_LogoBy Gemma Chriss

Aspiring dancers from all over the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Kent, Ohio areas regularly flock to MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in order to take advantage of everything this reputable dance studio has available. Though this Akron, Ohio-based establishment has a long tradition of teaching the fundamentals of traditional Irish dance to local children, they’ve since expanded their course offerings to include both youth and adult dance classes. With many students going on to perform at various Irish festivals throughout the state, as well as competitions across the globe, it’s clear that the talented dance instructors at MacConmara are doing something right! Continue reading

MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance Has a New Dance Studio in Stow, Ohio!

MacConmara_LogoThe students and staff of MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance have been pretty busy over the last month. In addition to relocating to a new dance studio in Stow, Ohio, this local institution was proud to offer a fun dance workshop led by the talented individuals in Hammerstep. Though the workshop has since ended, MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance has no doubt incorporated some of the group’s killer moves in their own Irish dance courses. For those who are interested in becoming a part of this reputable establishment, dance class enrollment is still open at the moment. However, as aspiring dancers from throughout the Medina, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio areas undoubtedly have the same idea, it’s best to sign up quickly before their fall dance classes are all full!

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MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in Summit County, Ohio Has St. Patrick’s Day Events Coming Up!

Though it may seem hard to believe that the month of January has already flown by, it won’t be long before we’re looking back at February too. With that being said, it wouldn’t hurt to take this opportunity to check out some of the things to do around Summit County, Ohio; Stark County, Ohio; and Cuyahoga County, Ohio in March. There are all kinds of St. Patrick’s Day events going on in the Northeast Ohio region this month, which means your family has a number of live performances to choose from! For instance, if you’d love to see an authentic Irish dance show in person, you’ll be pleased to learn that students from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance will be performing at several different venues over the coming weeks. With everything that the students from this local dance studio have accomplished, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to see these talented performers on stage!

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Learn about the Dance Parents from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in Akron, Ohio

If you made it to any of the local events around your Canton, Ohio or Fairlawn, Ohio home this past month, you may have seen the dancers from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance lighting up the stage. The students from MacConmara Academy practice year-round in order to showcase their talents at festivals throughout the greater Akron, Ohio area, including the Taste of Hudson event. If you were able to make it to the 10th annual Taste of Hudson celebration in historic Hudson, Ohio, then you might have had the opportunity to view MacConmara’s group kicking, spinning, and performing traditional Irish jigs. However, what audience members don’t get to see is the work that goes on behind the curtain. Not only does MacConmara Academy offer fall dance classes to help their students prepare for such events, but they also receive assistance from their very involved dance parents. Those who belong to the MacConmara Volunteer Parents organization go out their way to help the students who attend this reputable school, offering their unwavering support as well as putting on fundraisers to earn money so that students can attend dance workshops led by professional dance choreographers like Marcus Maloney.

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MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance near Green, Ohio Offers a Fun and Unique After-School Activity

As a parent, you know how difficult it can be to find a suitable after-school activity for your child. And if your little one has no interest in joining a sport or playing an instrument, it can be downright frustrating! However, if your child simply wants to participate in a more unique activity, you may want to consider enrolling them in dance classes from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance. Just a short drive away from the Kent, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio areas, this local dance studio provides students with a wonderful opportunity to exercise, make new friends, learn about traditional Irish dance, and even explore their own Irish heritage! The Irish dance instructors at this Green, Ohio area establishment are experts at making their classes both fun and informative, so children pick up new skills while having a great time. And the fact that MacConmara Academy offers affordable dance lessons to their students…well, every parent can appreciate that!

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Stop by Stage Center near Canton, Ohio This Weekend and Meet the Breaking Pointe Stars

If you’ve been meaning to pick up a new pair of Grishko shoes at Stage Center, you may want to take the trip from your Canton, Ohio or Youngstown, Ohio home sooner rather than later. This coming Sunday, Stage Center will be hosting an exciting local event—a meet and greet with the Breaking Pointe stars! By making the short drive from your Mahoning County, Ohio or Stark County, Ohio home to this nearby dance shop on March 2nd, you’ll not only have the opportunity to meet these professional dancers in person, but you’ll also be able to pick up a number of Grishko products!

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MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance Brings the Amazing Art of Irish Dance to Summit County, Ohio

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon, and you know what that means! The time of year when residents from all over the Hudson, Ohio and Green, Ohio areas get together in order to have fun while celebrating Irish culture. And when it comes to bringing the true spirit of Ireland to Summit County, Ohio, no other organization does it better than the MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance. This Akron, Ohio dance school has spent years spreading the joy of Irish dance to people of all ages. But that’s not to say that MacConmara Academy simply offers dance classes—not by a long shot! In fact, their local dance team will be helping to kick off the St. Patrick’s Day festivities by performing at area venues such as the Hibernian Club on Brown St. and Legends Sports Pub & Grille. As far as St. Patrick’s Day events go, none are quite as unique as the performances given by the students of MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance!

Founded by Teresa Seeman-Buck in 2009, the MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in Akron was created in order to teach students of all ages the art of traditional Irish dance. The dance school is very much a family affair, as Teresa and her siblings were encouraged to master this unique form of dance by their grandmother, Kay McNamara-Seeman—the school’s namesake.

While Teresa was first joined by her brother, Tim Seeman (World Champion in 2002), the staff has since grown to become a very diverse and experienced group of instructors. Teresa herself has had a long and successful competitive career in Irish dance, performing throughout Ireland and North America. Along with Tim Seeman, the MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance staff includes Marcus Maloney—a full-time performer and TCRG instructor who has won a number of awards, Shelley Roten—an experienced Irish dancer who teaches exercise and stretching classes, and Brittany Gerstenslager—a professionally-trained instructor who teaches dance classes at various studios around the area.

Along with Irish dance, the MacConmara Academy also offers ballet and jazz dance classes which help students with turns, leaps and much more.

The passion that MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance has for this art form is often transferred to their students, but none so much as their local dance team, the Celtic Storm. Dancers from this impressive group have gone on to perform solos in numerous competitions throughout the country, as well as performing during St. Patrick’s Day events in Hudson and Green. With a 45-minute show of non-stop dancing, along with some singing and instrument-playing by MacConmara’s talented students, the Celtic Storm provides Summit County residents with a wonderful demonstration of Irish culture.

And 2013 is no exception!

This year MacConmara’s Celtic Storm will be performing at various St. Patrick’s Day events in the area, including Legends Sports Pub & Grille and the well-known Hibernian Club on Brown St. As Teresa Seeman-Buck and her family have been involved with this local Irish Catholic organization for a number of years, the Hibernian Club is a great supporter of MacConmara Academy and vice versa. While Teresa is currently the Catholic Actions Officer for the Lady Hibernians, her aunt and grandmother are both past presidents, and her father was the grand marshal of last year’s parade.

For those looking for St. Patrick’s Day events in the Summit County, Ohio area this year, MacConmara’s students will be performing at the Hibernian Club on 3/16 at 3:30 and 6:45pm, as well as on 3/17 throughout the day with Fergie and the Bogdogs band. They will also be at Legends Sports Pub & Grille on 3/17 at 5:30 and 7:30pm. To learn more about MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance, their local dance team and the dance classes they offer, visit their website at Just make sure to take the trip from your Green, Ohio or Hudson, Ohio home to see MacConmara’s students perform traditional Irish dance live this St. Patrick’s Day!

MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance
2760 S Arlington Rd
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