Learn about the Dance Parents from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in Akron, Ohio

If you made it to any of the local events around your Canton, Ohio or Fairlawn, Ohio home this past month, you may have seen the dancers from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance lighting up the stage. The students from MacConmara Academy practice year-round in order to showcase their talents at festivals throughout the greater Akron, Ohio area, including the Taste of Hudson event. If you were able to make it to the 10th annual Taste of Hudson celebration in historic Hudson, Ohio, then you might have had the opportunity to view MacConmara’s group kicking, spinning, and performing traditional Irish jigs. However, what audience members don’t get to see is the work that goes on behind the curtain. Not only does MacConmara Academy offer fall dance classes to help their students prepare for such events, but they also receive assistance from their very involved dance parents. Those who belong to the MacConmara Volunteer Parents organization go out their way to help the students who attend this reputable school, offering their unwavering support as well as putting on fundraisers to earn money so that students can attend dance workshops led by professional dance choreographers like Marcus Maloney.

Parents who have enrolled their children in fall dance classes at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance over the years have done so because of the school’s reputation for excellence. Teresa Buck and her six assistant instructors help to make Irish dance a fun, unique, and challenging activity for students of all ages and skill levels. However, while these experienced instructors teach students the art of Irish dance, they aren’t the only ones who assist MacConmara’s students with performing at local events around Akron and participating in competitions throughout the world. The dance parents have a hand in that as well!

Performing in front of an audience requires more than just skill. Whether they’re competing at the national level or providing Hudson, Canton, or Fairlawn residents with a show, students need eye-catching costumes and fantastic choreography. And those are exactly the type of things that MacConmara Volunteer Parents can provide. Established in 2009, MVP’s mission is to “advance, encourage, and foster excellence in young people, through the promotion and education of Irish culture, arts, and dance, by supporting and maintaining the Irish dancers associated with the MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance.” In addition to supporting their children in everything they do, the dance parents from MacConmara Academy work to provide them with the means to be successful in their endeavors. This includes running fundraisers so that students can get low-cost costumes, a variety of dance workshops, and sessions with professional dance choreographer Marcus Maloney. Needless to say, the dance parents of MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance work hard for their children!

To learn more about what MacConmara Academy and the MVPs do to help students prepare for competitions and local events, visit www.macconmaraacademy.com and check out their ‘Links’ page. If you have any questions about fall dance classes, or you’re curious about the dance workshops run by professional dance choreographer Marcus Maloney, give MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance a call at 330.608.6959. If you’d like to talk to Teresa and the other instructors about enrolling your child in Irish dance classes, be sure to take the short trip from your Canton, Ohio or Fairlawn, Ohio home to their studio. If you decide that it’s the right fit for your child, you could even become a dance parent yourself!

MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance
Ph: 330.608.6959