Picking Home Gym Flooring in Atlanta, Georgia, Is Stress-Free with One Call to Premier Fitness Source

By Fiona Vernon

Working out at home is convenient and saves time if someone is lucky enough to have the space in which to set up a home gym. Whether it’s in an extra room of a Hilton Head, South Carolina, home or a basement in Buford, Georgia, laying the space out is the fun part. The experts at Premier Fitness Source can help guide anyone with their home gym layout, and one of the first decisions to make is what home gym flooring would be best suitable for one’s needs. What works for the rest of the house won’t necessarily work in the gym, because cushioned flooring like rubber fitness flooring or interlocking carpet tiles is best to absorb impact so as not to stress one’s joints during a workout; additionally, some flooring can help alleviate noise and vibration. The durability of the floor is important, too, since one doesn’t want something that might splinter or break if weights are dropped on it. A hard floor, such as a synthetic wood grain surface, is best for heavy machines like those with cable-pulley systems to create stability and keep them evenly balanced. PFS’ main suppliers of flooring are Ecore Flooring and Humane Manufacturing, experts in gym surface options. From Atlanta, Georgia, to Savannah, Georgia, each location of this fitness equipment store has everything necessary to help fitness enthusiasts create an effective and safe home gym.

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Premier Fitness Source: Savannah, Georgia’s Top Fitness Machine Dealer

By Gemma Chriss

Unlike most fitness machine dealers, Premier Fitness Source doesn’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to sales. PFS has the most extensive product selection in the Savannah, Georgia area, with options ranging from high-end workout machines to more affordable workout machines that can fit virtually any budget. Even used exercise equipment is available for customers who desire the convenience of working out at home without having to make a large investment. Premier Fitness Source also offers fitness equipment rentals to individuals in Bluffton, South Carolina; Hilton Head, South Carolina; Pooler, Georgia; and beyond, the terms of which can be negotiated based on each customer’s specific needs. Continue reading

Anytime Fitness Is the Neighborhood Gym of Choice for Parma, Ohio Residents

By Gemma Chriss

Neighborhood gyms are popping up all over the Brook Park, Ohio and Middleburg Heights, Ohio areas as individuals express the desire to get in shape and lead healthier, more active lifestyles. Unfortunately, not everyone can make time in their schedule to visit the gym during regular hours of operation, which is why 24/7 fitness facilities are so appealing. Most people will agree that having the ability to work out at one’s convenience makes it significantly easier to stay on track. Plus, establishments like Anytime Fitness in Parma, Ohio offer a variety of additional services to clients, including personal training, indoor tanning, and more. Those who sign up for a membership at Anytime Fitness can look forward to working out on a number of high-quality stationary bikes, elliptical cross trainers, and strength-training machines while getting the support they need to make exercise a lifelong habit. Continue reading

Premier Fitness Source Is Savannah, Georgia’s Only Distributor of LifeFitness Products

By Gemma Chriss

Most will agree that when it comes to choosing between brand-name gym machines, it’s worth looking into each manufacturer’s history to see how they’ve evolved over time. Though there’s a wide range of high-end fitness equipment on the market, it’s obvious that some are more innovative and functional than others. LifeFitness products, for example, happen to fall into the former category. Since LifeFitness is considered to be an industry pioneer, Premier Fitness Source is proud to carry LifeFitness stationary bikes, weight benches, ellipticals, treadmills, and more in their Savannah, Georgia establishment. Individuals throughout the Pooler, Georgia and Wilmington Island, Georgia areas in need of home exercise equipment will undoubtedly be pleased with the large selection of LifeFitness machines that Premier Fitness Source has available, and how effective they are at helping users to remain active and achieve fitness goals. Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Sales Offers Unique Exercise Machines to Establishments in Savannah, Georgia and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

Finding commercial gym equipment isn’t the difficult task it used to be. Most distributors, however, carry very similar products, which can be frustrating to those in the market for unique exercise machines that will bring in new users. A number of innovative, game-changing products have been developed over the last few years, yet many companies choose not to include them in their inventory. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Fitness Equipment Sales. Knowing how quickly users can grow tired of using the same equipment day after day, this reputable company strives to assist facilities in Savannah, Georgia; Hilton Head, South Carolina; Statesboro, Georgia; and beyond by offering a wide range of specialty fitness products. With TireFlip 180s, CardioGym CG6s, Helix Lateral Trainers, and more, FES has a solution for those who are seeing a decline in user enthusiasm and attendance. Continue reading

Residents in Pooler, Georgia and beyond Can Obtain the Weight Loss Tools They Need at Premier Fitness Source

By Gemma Chriss

premier fitness_logo_thinNow that 2016 is coming to a close, many individuals are getting a jump start on their New Year’s resolutions. Those who are committed to shedding pounds, improving flexibility, and increasing strength may already be taking the necessary steps toward achieving their goals. Unfortunately, studies show that most people end up breaking their resolutions after just a few months. To avoid giving up so soon, residents throughout Hilton Head, South Carolina: Pooler, Georgia; Bluffton, South Carolina; Beaufort, South Carolina; and beyond should consider investing in weight loss tools that will make the journey to better health and fitness more convenient. Those who purchase home fitness equipment such as residential treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes tend to have a much easier time reaching their goals than those who simply apply for membership at their local gym. As the fastest-growing workout equipment retailers in the region, Premier Fitness Source has earned a reputation for helping individuals find the right exercise machines for their needs. Those who worry they’ll fail to reach their desired weight or strength will find that working out at home using high-quality machines from PFS can significantly increase the chances of staying on track and making a positive, lasting change in one’s life. Continue reading

Fitness Equipment Sales Offers Physical Therapy Equipment to Facilities in Beaufort, South Carolina and Beyond

By Gemma Chriss

fes_logoThough there are hundreds of commercial exercise machines on the market, only some of them can be used by those suffering from temporary injuries or chronic joint pain. This makes it difficult for managers of senior living facilities and rehab centers to find the right products for their clients’ needs. Fortunately for establishments throughout the Beaufort, South Carolina; Richmond Hill, Georgia; and Hilton Head, South Carolina areas, Fitness Equipment Sales offers a wide range of low-impact workout tools. Those looking to update or furnish a new facility will be pleased to learn that this fitness equipment dealer works one-on-one with customers to ensure that they end up purchasing physical therapy or senior exercise equipment that will provide their own clients with the daily exercise they need. Continue reading

Facilities in Savannah, Georgia and beyond Can Contact Fitness Equipment Sales for Commercial Workout Machines

By Gemma Chriss

fes_logoThose in the market for commercial exercise equipment aren’t limited to the products available online. As a company that has spent nearly thirty years serving the greater Southeast region, Fitness Equipment Sales is able to provide establishments throughout Bluffton, South Carolina; Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; and beyond with the commercial workout machines they require. In addition to having an impressive inventory of brand-name products, FES offers additional services for their clients’ convenience, including gym design and machine maintenance. Even those in need of commercial treadmill, elliptical, rower, or stationary bike repair can count on Fitness Equipment Sales for quick and efficient service. Continue reading

Premier Fitness Source’s Newest Fitness Equipment Store in Savannah, Georgia Is Now Open for Business

By Gemma Chriss

premier fitness_logo_thinResidents throughout the Hilton Head, South Carolina and Skidaway Island, Georgia areas will now have the opportunity to shop for home exercise machines at Premier Fitness Source’s newest location in Savannah, Georgia. This reputable fitness equipment store has earned a reputation for offering the very best workout equipment on the market, making it easy for individuals to obtain the products they need to exercise in the comfort of their own homes. Those who are currently looking to purchase a brand-name treadmill, elliptical, rower, stationary bike, or strength-training machine are encouraged to visit PFS in person to see what this local establishment has available. Continue reading

Premier Fitness Source of Atlanta, Georgia Offers Home Gym Equipment to Help Beat Holiday Weight Gain

By Gemma Chriss

premier fitness_logo_thinWith the holidays coming up, many individuals around the Savannah, Georgia and Johns Creek, Georgia areas are worried about the inevitable weight gain from family dinners, work parties, and other group celebrations. Not only do such gatherings make food the primary focus, but they tend to fill up one’s schedule to the point where there’s no time to visit the gym on a regular basis. However, local residents in need of a way to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain can find a solution at Premier Fitness Source. This fitness equipment store has three locations throughout the Alpharetta, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia areas, as well as a newly acquired location in Savannah.  Each of these is filled with quality exercise machines that can be used in the comfort of one’s home. PFS’ inventory of residential fitness products includes treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, stationary bikes, strength trainers, and more, so every customer can find a piece of home gym equipment that fits their budget, space, and needs. Continue reading