SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Installs Weight Room & Agility Training Floors that Absorb Impact in Cleveland

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals not only look for great prices when joining a fitness facility, they also research what amenities are offered. Any indoor fitness facility from Stark County, Ohio, to Summit County, Ohio, looking for commercial gym flooring that prevent common athletic injuries by absorbing impact and decreasing muscle fatigue will love the innovative solutions provided by SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio. This Synthetic Turf Council certified installer of artificial grass products not only offers a wide selection of sport turf and fitness facility flooring, but they also enhance outdoor living spaces with pet and kid-friendly maintenance-free lawns and indoor and outdoor custom putting greens for those who love to practice their short game year-round. This artificial turf company’s latest project at NST Sports Performance in North Canton, Ohio, highlights some of the benefits of synthetic turf that they can offer with their agility training and weight room flooring. Whether a fitness facility in Cleveland, Ohio, focuses on athlete training or another caters to the general public, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio carries the products that accommodate each demand.

Finely-tuned athletes push their bodies to its limits to achieve optimum performance and expect their equipment to work as hard as they do. A fitness facility that focuses on hardcore training must have the best products and sports turf so that their clients can achieve their goals. SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio was trusted to install commercial gym flooring at the brand new NST Sports Performance in North Canton. This training facility uses a unique style of instruction that focuses on developing the neurological synapses of the nervous system and the muscle fibers that it innervates. This process tricks the body into activating the maximum amount of fast twitch muscle fibers each athlete’s genetics will allow, dramatically increasing speed, strength, and power. With the proper fitness facility flooring under the equipment and on their 40 yards of indoor turf and track lanes that absorbs impact, they can help decrease muscle fatigue. Some additional benefits of SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ synthetic turf are its ease of maintenance and cleaning, as well as its non-abrasive texture that makes it perfect as cross-training, indoor shot-put, hammer, tennis court, agility training, and weight room flooring.

SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is a Synthetic Turf Council certified installer that not only offers products that prevent common athletic injuries with surfaces that lessen the stress on joints, but they also offer a large variety of synthetic flooring that spans a variety of commercial and residential needs in Stark County and Summit County. This artificial turf company can assist homeowners in their goals to enhance their outdoor living spaces with playground surfaces and maintenance-free lawns that are perfect for families with children and pets. They also can help golfers stay active and practice their short game throughout the year with indoor and outdoor custom putting green installation. Whether an athletic facility, such as NST Sports Performance, helps local football or tennis players or a homeowner in Cleveland, Ohio, wants the benefits of synthetic turf for their home gym, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can create the perfect facility.

When overseeing a business that targets a certain market, offering reliable products and services is imperative. NST Sports Performance trusts Synthetic Turf Council certified installer SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio when they require superior sport turf for commercial gym flooring for their new location in North Canton, Ohio. Not only have countless trainers in and around Cleveland, Ohio, depended upon this artificial turf company for fitness facility agility training and weight room flooring that helps prevent common athletic injuries and decreases muscle fatigue by absorbing impact, but a plethora of homeowners have also discovered the benefits of synthetic turf. Golfers practice their short game year-round with custom putting green installation, as well as enhancing their outdoor living spaces with maintenance-free lawns that withstand the torture put upon them by playing pets and children. Everyone from Summit County, Ohio, to Stark County, Ohio, can rely on SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to make their lives easier.
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