Windy Hill Hardwoods Offers 3D Home Design Software with Kitchen Layout Tips for Renovations in Green, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Staying active during the harsh winter days can be difficult for homeowners from Wadsworth, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio. Why not plan a kitchen remodel to alleviate the boredom and anxiety that comes with hibernating within the same four walls for an extended period of time. Now is the perfect time to visit the kitchen showroom at Windy Hill Hardwoods for affordable home remodeling materials and kitchen layout tips from the experts who specialize in accommodating dreams. One stroll amidst the solid wood kitchen cabinets that promote setups for entertaining as well as efficient kitchen designs with added storage space for everyday use will have anyone picturing such extravagance in their own home when they see the prices available for a cost-effective kitchen renovation. This local cabinet manufacturer not only provides quality interior wood products — such as hardwood flooring, baseboards and trim, and crown molding — but they also carry tile, ceramic, and vinyl flooring and granite countertops that match even the most discerning of personalities. Everyone from Rootstown, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, who take advantage of the 3D home design software at Windy Hill Hardwoods will love the results they can achieve together.

Many individuals from Bath to Rootstown balances busy lives with both adults working while trying to raise children and remain fulfilled with pets and vacations, so specific kitchen layout tips have been strategically analyzed over the years by many interior design companies to create the most efficient kitchen designs. One of the best pointers on the list is to place drawers on both sides of the stove and dishwasher. This allows chefs to keep any tool necessary within easy reach, as well as allowing easy access to storage areas when emptying the dishwasher. Placement is key to making this dreaded task so much better. While the traditional work triangle that separates the sink, range, and refrigerator is sufficient for many, the work zone has evolved into a more practical design that incorporates multiple work zones in one kitchen – including work prep, cooking, and cleaning areas. Adding kitchen storage space is ideal for efficient usage, and Windy Hill Hardwoods has a variety of solid wood kitchen cabinets to fit the bill, from spice drawers and cookie sheet pullouts to lazy susans and corner drawer pullouts.

When homeowners from Green to Wadsworth are looking for the most cost-effective kitchen renovation, Windy Hill Hardwoods is the only kitchen showroom necessary for all the affordable home remodeling materials required. This local cabinet manufacturer offers professional 3D home design software, interior design, and space-planning services complete with a quote. The expert designers take the time to insert each idea into the program so that it can adjust to the specific measurements, whether it’s wooden baseboards and trim, crown molding, granite countertops, or one of their kitchen flooring options that include hardwood, vinyl, tile, and ceramic. Do-it-yourselfers can stay active during the winter by completing a kitchen remodel with the quality interior wood products from Windy Hill Hardwoods.

Whether a homeowner in Green, Ohio, wants to add kitchen storage space or a growing family in Bath, Ohio, is updating their home with a kitchen remodel and wants kitchen layout tips, the designers at Windy Hill Hardwoods offer free 3D home design software to plan a cost-effective kitchen renovation. Starting a kitchen remodel not only helps homeowners stay active during the winter, but is also the means to finally achieving the most efficient kitchen design. This local cabinet manufacturer has a comprehensive kitchen showroom that displays a plethora of ideas, as well as a warehouse fully stocked with affordable home remodeling materials for every step of the process — including wooden baseboards, trim, crown molding, granite countertops, solid wood kitchen cabinets, and vinyl, tile, ceramic, and hardwood kitchen flooring. Everyone from Rootstown, Ohio, to Wadsworth, Ohio, will discover superior interior wood products and so much more with one visit to Windy Hill Hardwoods.

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