Figure out Your Office Water Problems with Free Water Testing from Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio

Customer comfort is essential to every business that wants to stay in business. From pleasant tones of voice over the phone to common courtesies in your Kent, Ohio office, all business owners including those in Louisville, Ohio and Canal Fulton, Ohio aim to ensure good customer experiences. A telephone conversation is easy when manners are in play, but office interactions invite increased scrutiny since cleanliness impacts customer opinions. A dingy waiting room with day-old coffee is definitely bad, but a stinky restroom with funny looking and foul smelling water is far worse. Water smells and discoloration are problems that no one wants at home. But for a business owner, water odor can offend customers and give them something other than your products and services to talk about. A slight smell in water can become a pungent stench. And when water is yellow it can be headed to being brown. In order to keep your clientele spreading good news by word of mouth, have your water problems assessed and addressed by Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio.

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