Anyone in Columbus, Ohio, Can Gain the Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with a Visit to Ohio Tea Company

By Fiona Vernon

Tea was first discovered by the Chinese over 4,000 years ago and became a fundamental part of their culture, being used for its medicinal qualities and gradually evolving into a beverage. Sharing food and beverage at a table is a sign of respect in the Chinese culture, and Chinese green tea was offered as a main component in celebrations. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, and anyone from Columbus, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, who is looking to take advantage of the benefits of drinking green will find an impressive selection at Ohio Tea Company. Whether an individual in Ashland, Ohio, is looking for teas to lose weight or prevent diabetes or another in Akron, Ohio, is looking for teas for heart health that are high in antioxidants, this local tea company carries teapots and tea accessories to brew one of their hundreds of loose-leaf teas.  Anyone can visit Ohio Tea Company to try a free monthly tea sample to figure out which best fits their palate, call, or go online to get armed to brew the perfect cuppa tea!

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