Homeowners in Medina, Ohio, can Rely on WSC Construction & Restoration for Soot Cleanup & Smoke Odor Removal

By Fiona Vernon

You’re never ready when disaster strikes…But We Are!

Many people don’t even consider that a house fire could affect their lives; however, an estimated 365,500 home structure fires occur each year in the US, causing $7 billion in direct damage. Some of the most common causes include cooking equipment overheating, unattended candles, portable heaters, and cigarettes, faulty wiring, and the incorrect storage of flammable liquids. While many of these causes are decidedly preventable, some occur suddenly due to normal wear and tear. While fire restoration and the removal of smoke odor is best left to the professionals at WSC Construction and Restoration, they also offer tips for anyone from Medina, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, who would like to perform smoke and soot cleanup themselves. Some may become overwhelmed as they realize that the water used to put out the fire also caused extensive damage, which results in the additional need for water restoration. This local disaster restoration company provides emergency 24-hour restoration services so should be the first call to avoid the need for mold remediation due to inadequate cleanup. WSC Construction and Restoration works with anyone’s insurance company and offers home improvement financing and remodeling and construction services to restore anyone’s home from North Canton, Ohio, to Salem, Ohio, to even better than its former glory.

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