Homeowners in Medina, Ohio, can Rely on WSC Construction & Restoration for Soot Cleanup & Smoke Odor Removal

By Fiona Vernon

You’re never ready when disaster strikes…But We Are!

Many people don’t even consider that a house fire could affect their lives; however, an estimated 365,500 home structure fires occur each year in the US, causing $7 billion in direct damage. Some of the most common causes include cooking equipment overheating, unattended candles, portable heaters, and cigarettes, faulty wiring, and the incorrect storage of flammable liquids. While many of these causes are decidedly preventable, some occur suddenly due to normal wear and tear. While fire restoration and the removal of smoke odor is best left to the professionals at WSC Construction and Restoration, they also offer tips for anyone from Medina, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, who would like to perform smoke and soot cleanup themselves. Some may become overwhelmed as they realize that the water used to put out the fire also caused extensive damage, which results in the additional need for water restoration. This local disaster restoration company provides emergency 24-hour restoration services so should be the first call to avoid the need for mold remediation due to inadequate cleanup. WSC Construction and Restoration works with anyone’s insurance company and offers home improvement financing and remodeling and construction services to restore anyone’s home from North Canton, Ohio, to Salem, Ohio, to even better than its former glory.

Some homeowners from North Canton to Massillon who have been affected by a house fire may want to tackle soot and smoke cleanup alone; however, WSC Construction and Restoration are a simple phone call away when it seems to be too daunting a process or someone starts to feel ill effects while attempting the removal of smoke odor. Why not call this local disaster restoration company with 24-hour restoration services immediately after the event, since they will deal directly with each person’s insurance company, relieving some of their client’s anxiety? Insurance companies are looking to preserve the property long-term and want to help each person restore their home to the condition it was in before the fire, as well as ensure a safe environment to which the family can return. Water and fire restoration and remodeling and construction services, as well as mold remediation, includes replacing any insulation, repainting affected surfaces, and repairing or replacing anything that was burned or melted. Insurance will often cover temporary hotel and dining expenses for the affected family during the cleanup process. This route may be a better option than attempting do-it-yourself cleanup, since more work is performed, and the only expense is the insurance deductible.

Many times, homeowners choose to perform fire restoration to their homes themselves thinking that they will save money. This leads to cutting corners and less than acceptable results that may require the need for professional services in the long run. There are many specialized techniques for soot cleanup and the removal of smoke odor, not to mention the particular chemicals and equipment that WSC Construction and Restoration can offer to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The soot particle is smaller than dust and mold, making it especially dangerous, since it can lodge itself deep in someone’s lungs and cause insurmountable damage. This can happen to any family from Medina to Salem who decides to stay in their home during soot and smoke cleanup. Soft surfaces in any home trap the soot and odor molecules, requiring special care to ensure that they are remediated adequately to prevent health issues. Professionals are aware, but the average homeowner isn’t, that soot can hide in many different areas of a home — including door hinges, closets, recessed lights, insulation, and light sockets. The air conditioning and heating system can harbor further damaging particles and should also be deodorized and sanitized. WSC Construction and Restoration uses only the latest pairing agents, hydroxyl generators, deodorizing chemicals, and fogging techniques that are nearly impossible for a DIY-er to procure. The home improvement financing that this local disaster restoration company offers can also help any customer, but the insurance coverage is their best friend with the ability to stay in hotels and be confident in the way their home is being cleaned.

Survivors of house fires from Massillon, Ohio, to Salem, Ohio, are no longer among the population that thinks it could never happen to them. Those who have relied on the 24-hour water and fire restoration and mold remediation services of WSC Construction and Restoration can attest to the fact that they worked exceedingly well with their insurance company and used the latest equipment and techniques for the removal of smoke odor and soot cleanup. Additionally, their ability to offer home improvement financing on their remodeling and construction services restored their home to even better than what they ever imagined was possible. Knowledge is every homeowner’s greatest tool when dealing with disasters from North Canton, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, and WSC Construction and Restoration offers the best of every world possible. This local disaster restoration company is worth considering to ensure a safe living environment for the entire family!

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