Residents of Kent, Ohio, Can Contact East Central Motorsports for Affordable Youth ATVs & SSR Street Bikes

By Fiona Vernon

For the residents of Kent, Ohio, and beyond, the sound of street bikes is becoming increasingly prevalent with the gradually improving weather. Just in time for the season, people are finally set to get ready for spring riding. When it comes to restocking any necessary extra parts, East Central Motorsports stocks a wide selection for those living in and around Monroe Falls, Ohio. This local ATV dealer focuses on vehicles meant for off-road and street fun. They are a comprehensive dealer who is prepared to help anyone from Stow, Ohio, to Tallmadge, Ohio, prepare for the upcoming riding season. Not only does this Thumpstar dealer have a vast array of SSR street and pit bikes, but they also deal with Coolster quads. If anyone needs ATV parts and repairs, then this affordable youth ATV dealer has the perfect selection and services for which anyone is searching. With merchandise like the Thumpstar 140, SSR Razkall 125, and Lifan e-bikes, the products that East Central Motorsports offers are irresistible.

Those living in and around Kent know that East Central Motorsports is a locally owned and family operated business. They retail affordable Chinese made ATVs, UTVs, and GoKarts for the entire family, but mainly specialize in affordable youth ATVs. This Thumpstar dealer strives to provide their customers with the best experience possible when purchasing their quality merchandise and machines. They offer on-site service for ATV parts and repairs, each purchase coming with a 90-day warranty. For the people living in Stow and beyond, the offers from this high-quality, trustworthy store are too tempting to beat! From ATVs to pit bikes, this local ATV dealer will have anyone ready for spring riding in no time.

If an individual is looking for a perfect bike for a joy-ride, then they may want to consider the variety of SSR street bikes East Central Motorsports has to offer. Take the Razkull 125, for example, with a 4-speed manual transmission, a fuel tank that holds 3.17 gallons, and a hydraulic inverted front suspension that comes in three different color options. Or maybe someone from Tallmadge wants to look at a Lifan e-bike, such as the Lifan 16” Traveler. This bike has three modes: manual pedaling, motor assisted pedaling, and full automatic drive with a maximum speed of 12.5 mph and a maximum power of 240 watts, making it perfect for anyone. Perhaps one is looking for a Lifan 26” Traditional e-bike, with three basic modes and a net weight of 48.5 lbs. With a gorgeous aluminum alloy frame and a modest charging time of only four to six hours, this is another unbeatable offer. With many more SSR street bikes and e-bikes to choose from, this Coolster dealer knows how to treat their customers and how to make unsurpassable offers and sales that will keep people coming back for more.

For the people living in and around Monroe Falls, Ohio, this local ATV dealer knows how to draw consumers in and keep them coming back for more with unbeatable prices and offers on both ATV parts and repairs. With a slew of affordable youth ATVs, everyone loves this trustworthy dealer when giving these safe, fun machines to their kids. Residents of Kent, Ohio, and beyond were thrilled to hear about the bountiful collection of SSR street bikes that are soon to come into stock, like the Razkull 125. This Thumpstar dealer offers a wide variety of pit bikes and even more Lifan e-bikes, the most popular models being the Lifan 20” Tourist. Those living in and around Stow, Ohio, who want to get ready for spring riding, can head over to this local Coolster dealer as the perfect way to start the new season. Anyone from Tallmadge, Ohio, and beyond can attest to the excellency of East Central Motorsports and their dedication to the craft.
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