Individuals in Tallmadge, Ohio, can Find the Best Jewelry Repair & Refurbishing at Cevasco Jewelry

By Fiona Vernon

Many individuals wear jewelry on a daily basis, whether it’s a piece of custom designed jewelry or a simple pair of earrings. Anyone from Uniontown, Ohio, to Mogadore, Ohio, who has had a necklace clasp get caught on their sweater and had the pendant fall to the floor has learned the art of squeezing the loop back together with their teeth or pliers. Sometimes that is all that’s needed to continue on with one’s day, but that isn’t always effective. Many others from Green, Ohio, have been saddened by noticing a gem missing from the custom designed ring that they received from their mother years ago. The ring may have been worn by multiple people throughout the years and has also lost its luster. Anyone in need of affordable jewelry repair or refurbishing can call Cevasco Jewelers for their expert touch on hundreds of issues, from the restringing of a pearl necklace and stone replacements to the repair of a ring prong and clasp replacements. Not only does this local jewelry store in Tallmadge, Ohio, perform jewelry repair and restoration, but they also have their 90th anniversary jewelry sale until the end of 2017 in addition to diamonds at wholesale prices. Now is the perfect time to discover all the qualities that have made generations return to Cevasco Jewelers year after year.

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