Individuals in Tallmadge, Ohio, can Find the Best Jewelry Repair & Refurbishing at Cevasco Jewelry

By Fiona Vernon

Many individuals wear jewelry on a daily basis, whether it’s a piece of custom designed jewelry or a simple pair of earrings. Anyone from Uniontown, Ohio, to Mogadore, Ohio, who has had a necklace clasp get caught on their sweater and had the pendant fall to the floor has learned the art of squeezing the loop back together with their teeth or pliers. Sometimes that is all that’s needed to continue on with one’s day, but that isn’t always effective. Many others from Green, Ohio, have been saddened by noticing a gem missing from the custom designed ring that they received from their mother years ago. The ring may have been worn by multiple people throughout the years and has also lost its luster. Anyone in need of affordable jewelry repair or refurbishing can call Cevasco Jewelers for their expert touch on hundreds of issues, from the restringing of a pearl necklace and stone replacements to the repair of a ring prong and clasp replacements. Not only does this local jewelry store in Tallmadge, Ohio, perform jewelry repair and restoration, but they also have their 90th anniversary jewelry sale until the end of 2017 in addition to diamonds at wholesale prices. Now is the perfect time to discover all the qualities that have made generations return to Cevasco Jewelers year after year.

No matter how well assembled or how high the quality of products used, all jewelry deteriorates over time. Calling on the trusted services of the 4th generation bench jeweler, Tony Cevasco, at Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge for affordable jewelry repair and refurbishing can help someone avoid losing components of treasured pieces of jewelry. For example, the restringing of a pearl necklace should be done periodically to avoid the loss of precious pearls.  Traditional silk can be used; however, newer mediums can improve upon the necklace’s value and endurance. Newer synthetic nylon string resembles the silk used of old, but it holds its shape better and resists wear from body oils and constant movement. Maybe an individual in Green has had a custom designed emerald ring sitting in their jewelry box that requires a ring prong repair and stone replacement. They don’t have to wait any longer and can place their trust in Cevasco Jewelers. This local jewelry store can take the stress away of worrying about losing more gems and allow them to wear their cherished ring again.

Cevasco Jewelers can perform a repair as routine as a clasp replacement on a necklace or bracelet, as well as excelling at jewelry restoration that will transform any piece back to its original beauty and sparkle. Tony Cevasco performs his repairs with the utmost care and takes on the difficult tasks that many other jewelers will not tackle, because he realizes the extent of the meaning that is held in each piece of jewelry. From someone who has been returning to Cevasco Jewelers for years to a new customer walking through the door, everyone is treated like part of their extended family. Cevasco Jeweler’s is celebrating their 90th anniversary with a jewelry sale that offers savings of up to 50% off all on-display jewelry through the end of 2017. This jewelry sale includes loose diamonds, engagement rings, estate jewelry, natural color gemstone jewelry, Caterina’s custom collection, and much more. They already offer their unique diamonds at wholesale prices to everyone from Uniontown to Mogadore and love showing their appreciation with an additional jewelry sale.

Individuals from Uniontown, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, who are in search of affordable jewelry repair and refurbishing or diamonds at wholesale prices can count on the comfortable atmosphere at Cevasco Jewelers. Tony Cevasco has extensive experience with something as straightforward as a clasp repair to repairing a ring prong and the restringing of pearl necklace. If a broken custom designed diamond ring leads someone in Mogadore, Ohio, to require a stone replacement, this local jewelry store carries a vast array of diamonds at wholesale prices. Not only does Tony offer jewelry restoration that will return anyone’s treasured piece of jewelry to its original beauty, but the family is offering a jewelry sale through the end of 2017. Anyone from Tallmadge, Ohio, and beyond can take advantage of their anniversary savings and will be ecstatic that they did.

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