Parkway Nissan is the Top Rated Nissan Dealership for All of Central Ohio’s Vehicle Needs!

There are many vehicles to choose from in Central Ohio, but there’s nothing quite like a Nissan. Regardless of the Nissan you select, you know you’re getting a quality constructed vehicle that radiates style! But where can you find one of these amazing vehicles near Franklin County, Ohio? Parkway Nissan always has quality new Nissan vehicles available on their lot, ready for you to take out for a test drive! From Altimas to Versas, you can find them all! If you’re not sure a new Nissan is quite what your Columbus, Ohio garage is ready for, consider a used one instead. The reliable used Nissan’s of Parkway Nissan are as good as new –with the exception of a few miles already put on them from a previous owner.  Whether you’re looking for a new Nissan or a used one, this top rated Nissan dealership has it all!

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