Des Eck Welding LLC Offers Quality Mesh Horse Stall Fronts to the Lexington, Kentucky areas and beyond!

Each horse has their own unique personality, and –as our trusted companions– we want to keep our animals’ safe and feeling comfortable. With the weather warming, there’s no better time than now to invest in a new and beautiful horse stall for your Lexington, Kentucky or Louisville, Kentucky stable! Although many of our horses may spend quite a bit of time outside grazing and enjoying the warm weather with you, it is important to have a quality stall for them when night falls or the weather gets bad. Their stall is their second home, and even though it should be functional, it should also look amazing! If you’re considering investing in new horse stalls for your stable this season, contact Des Eck Welding LLC. Des Eck Welding LLC offers reliable horse barn equipment to help transform your stable into a more functional area, as well as install quality mesh horse stall fronts. Whether your Florence, Kentucky stable needs updated or you’re adding a new horse barn stall to your residence, Des Eck Welding LLC is happy to help!

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