Homeowners in Berlin, Ohio, can Call Trademark Exteriors to Fix a Cold Air Draft with Insulated Exterior Doors

By Fiona Vernon

As the temperatures stay consistently low from Cambridge, Ohio, to Zanesville, Ohio, even homeowners who were confident that winterizing their homes wasn’t necessary may be surprised by the need to find and fix cold air drafts that they have discovered invading their homes. According to the US Department of Energy, reducing drafts brings the potential energy loss from a dwelling down anywhere from 5 to 30 percent, resulting in a significant reduction in utility bills. The most common way to diminish the effects of drafts is to call Trademark Exteriors for an exterior remodel that can upgrade a home with insulated exterior doors or energy efficient windows. Individuals from Berlin, Ohio, to Fredericksburg, Ohio, who have trusted this affordable home remodeling contractor will testify to the fact that they adjust each project according to the differing needs of every client.

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