Homeowners in Berlin, Ohio, can Call Trademark Exteriors to Fix a Cold Air Draft with Insulated Exterior Doors

By Fiona Vernon

As the temperatures stay consistently low from Cambridge, Ohio, to Zanesville, Ohio, even homeowners who were confident that winterizing their homes wasn’t necessary may be surprised by the need to find and fix cold air drafts that they have discovered invading their homes. According to the US Department of Energy, reducing drafts brings the potential energy loss from a dwelling down anywhere from 5 to 30 percent, resulting in a significant reduction in utility bills. The most common way to diminish the effects of drafts is to call Trademark Exteriors for an exterior remodel that can upgrade a home with insulated exterior doors or energy efficient windows. Individuals from Berlin, Ohio, to Fredericksburg, Ohio, who have trusted this affordable home remodeling contractor will testify to the fact that they adjust each project according to the differing needs of every client.

As the winter progresses from Berlin to Zanesville, people tend to notice that their furnace is running constantly. They may be looking out their window at the snow falling one evening and feel a cold air draft, which gets them thinking where else they may find that issue. They are no longer amazed that their electric and gas bills have been so astronomical and realize that they should have looked into winterizing their home this past fall. They are now on a mission to find and fix all the cold air drafts they can in their home in order to reduce their utility bills. Taking a candle around to the windows and doors and watching for the flame to flicker is a reliable method of determining in what locations drafts exist. If someone finds that their issue truly is with a few windows, they may want to perform an immediate fix then call Trademark Exteriors to schedule a replacement of their 25-year-old windows with energy efficient double hung or sliding windows. If they find that the issue lies in the vast area around their front or back door, this affordable home remodeling contractor also replaces antiquated wooden doors with insulated steel or fiber glass exterior doors in a vast array of designs that will also add to one’s décor.

Besides checking every window and door, there are other common places where someone may feel unwanted cold air entering a Cambridge or Fredericksburg home. If someone notices that there is a slight amount of air entering their home through the hole in which the cable enters the house, they may require additional insulation in the siding or new siding if it is old. Any homeowner can call Trademark Exterior for a consultation on their exterior remodeling to have any questions answered that a homeowner may have about their siding’s efficiency. A simple way to reduce utility bills is by protecting one’s home with shrubs and trees planted effectively around their home. It not only shields and insulates the house from the winter wind, but it also provides shade in the summer.

Trademark Exteriors realizes that an individual’s home is their castle and that any project for which they are commissioned is all about the customer’s wishes. They know that when they install a new insulated exterior door in Cambridge, Ohio, or energy efficient windows in Berlin, Ohio, they not only are trusted to help reduce utility bills, but also with the cosmetics and the face that they show the world. The goal of decor is to portray a comforting atmosphere, because that’s what a homeowner sees and feels every time they pull into and leave their driveway. Whether someone in Zanesville, Ohio, was mistaken and didn’t feel the need to winterize their home, or another thought it might be needed but wanted to put it off until spring, this affordable home remodeling contractor can assist in fixing cold drafts in a home, since the products that fail to block drafts the most are windows, doors, and siding. Anyone from Fredericksburg, Ohio, and beyond who have called Trademark Exteriors for their exceptional exterior remodeling and unbeatable service will wonder why they procrastinated so long.

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