Obtain Custom or Ready-Made Birthday Cakes at Happy Cakes & More in Twinsburg, Ohio!

4.Happy Cakes logoWhen planning a birthday celebration for your loved one in the Aurora, Ohio or Hudson, Ohio area, you want to make sure every detail is perfect—especially when it comes to the cake! Unfortunately, store bought cakes can be dry, taste stale, or lack the customization you want the cake you choose to have. Furthermore, your flavor choices could be very limited. At Happy Cakes & More, you can choose from a variety of different cake flavors, sizes, colors, and more to create the custom birthday cake you want for the celebration you’re hosting at your Solon, Ohio residence this year!

Best of all, these custom birthday cakes are freshly baked and crafted from the finest local ingredients available to give these delicious desserts the great taste you’ve come to love. For smaller events – or to obtain a larger variety of flavor options for your party guests – know that Happy Cakes & More in Twinsburg, Ohio also makes custom birthday cupcakes! Did you forget to order the cake you need for the birthday party you’re hosting? Should you forget to order the cupcakes or cake, be sure to stop by Happy Cakes & More to pick up one of their ready-made birthday cakes!

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