A. Stucki Company Delivers the Benefits of Railroad to the Atlantic Seaboard with Machining & Reconditioning

By Fiona Vernon

Transportation is an important part of a functioning society. It allows for efficient communication, trade, and exchanges that help a civilization thrive. The most commonly known form of transportation is the automobile, since individuals use it on a daily basis to get through their busy lives. Railroad is also a part of people’s daily lives, but it exists in the background. Railcars deliver products to end users with a wide variety of types of freight cars, from autoracks, coil cars and gondolas to well cars and intermodal equipment. Companies rely on the railroad industry’s energy efficiency and capability of handling large loads to run their businesses, along with a plethora of other benefitsA. Stucki Company, based in Pennsylvania, has contributed to the success of the industry for over 100 years and is now comprised of 17 global locations and growing. They are focused on engineering, machining, reconditioning, and manufacturing of railcar parts, repair, and reconditioning. Their foundation rests on the quality of their products from the Atlantic to the Pacific Seaboard.

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