Cuyahoga Falls Transmission has Winter Transmission Tips to Keep Your Kent, Ohio Vehicle Protected

Most people don’t enjoy the cold weather. It makes us stiff, drops our body temperature, and can cause parts of us to freeze. Believe it or not, our cars are a lot like people and can suffer from some of the same issues. Cuyahoga Falls Transmission wants to offer those individuals in the surrounding areas of Kent, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio winter transmission tips to keep your vehicle running properly. Would you let yourself stay outside for an extended amount of time without a coat in the middle of winter? If you did, something might freeze. Unfortunately, issues like these can occur in vehicles that are not properly maintained, which can lead to even larger issues with your transmission. If the worst should happen to occur during these cold spells, Cuyahoga Falls Transmission is the reliable transmission repair shop to fix it. Right now, if you let Cuyahoga Falls Transmission know you read this blog between the dates of January 21st and February 17th, they’ll give you 10% off any major repair! Don’t let your Fairlawn, Ohio vehicle cause you to suffer this season with hard shifting; take it in to experience one of the quality transmission services available from Cuyahoga Falls Transmission!

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