Direct Action Company Promotes Equine Health in Your Nebraska Horse with DAC Digestive Feed Additive

We all know that the key to good health rests with the vitamins and nutrients we put inside of our bodies. The foods and drinks you consume on a daily basis have a major impact on how your body feels and functions. And the same goes for animals as well—especially horses. In order to promote equine health, it’s important that you understand just what is in the food that you give to your animal. Since there are high levels of aflatoxin in the corn crops of Illinois, Nebraska, Indiana, and Iowa this year, you want to be sure that you do all that you can to prevent aflatoxin poisoning. Fortunately, DAC’s Digestive Feed Additive contains an essential ingredient to help strengthen your horse’s tolerance to this type of mycotoxin. By learning more about this potentially deadly toxin and how DAC’s product can help, you will be able to see why Ohio’s Direct Action Company is the go-to business for products to protect your horse.

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