Bath, Ohio, Trusts Brightside Metal Roofing for Weatherproof Steel Roofing when Preparing for Fall & Winter

By Fiona Vernon

Fall is a glorious time of year as Mother Nature displays her beautiful array of colors with the changing leaves, and the moderate temperatures make it a pleasure to be outdoors; however, high winds and harsh weather are soon to follow, testing the protection that a home can provide. Brightside Metal Roofing can help home and business owners from Dover, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, prepare their roofs for fall and winter with residential and commercial metal roofing supplies — including weatherproof steel roofing, colored metal roof panels, trim, siding, and walls. This local metal roof manufacturer also supplies a wide selection of metal roofing accessories, such as butyl tape, roofing caulk, radiant barriers, and Eave purlins, for a complete roofing system. Individuals from Kent, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, who are either debating a metal vs a shingle roof or understand and want to take advantage of the benefits of metal roofing will find all their answers at Brightside Metal Roofing. Call today (330.805.4505)!

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