Bath, Ohio, Trusts Brightside Metal Roofing for Weatherproof Steel Roofing when Preparing for Fall & Winter

By Fiona Vernon

Fall is a glorious time of year as Mother Nature displays her beautiful array of colors with the changing leaves, and the moderate temperatures make it a pleasure to be outdoors; however, high winds and harsh weather are soon to follow, testing the protection that a home can provide. Brightside Metal Roofing can help home and business owners from Dover, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, prepare their roofs for fall and winter with residential and commercial metal roofing supplies — including weatherproof steel roofing, colored metal roof panels, trim, siding, and walls. This local metal roof manufacturer also supplies a wide selection of metal roofing accessories, such as butyl tape, roofing caulk, radiant barriers, and Eave purlins, for a complete roofing system. Individuals from Kent, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, who are either debating a metal vs a shingle roof or understand and want to take advantage of the benefits of metal roofing will find all their answers at Brightside Metal Roofing. Call today (330.805.4505)!

Why should someone choose a metal roof when they are debating a metal vs a shingle roof while preparing for fall and winter? Driving down any street from Bath to Kent, it is obvious that shingle roofs are more prevalent; yet, there are many benefits to choosing metal roofing. Not only do commercial and residential metal roofs match any aesthetic with the wide selection of colors that Brightside Metal Roofing carries, but they are far more cost-effective. The metal roofing supplies and accessories provided by this local metal roof manufacturer and supplier cost the same as if installing a shingle roof, but the weatherproof steel roofing will last twice as long as a shingle roof. With the proper installation of metal siding, walls, roof panels, and trim, people will also feel a savings on their utility bills with the metal reflecting heat away from the building in the summer and keeping it warmer in the winter when insulated.

Metal roofs are more durable and withstand extreme temperatures, wind, ice, and hail much better than shingles, requiring fewer repairs and giving them a longer lifespan. They are also environmentally responsible, since most metal roofs contain as much as 90% recycled materials. Brightside Metal Roofing also provides all the essential materials for a complete neutral or colored metal roofing system with their wide array of accessories, from skylights and vent ridges to roofing caulk and butyl tape. They supply radiant barriers that protect in the hottest temperatures, as well as Eave purlins in lengths up to 30 feet that can provide the mid-span support necessary for both side walls and the roof at the intersecting points on wider buildings. Metal roof contractors and do-it-yourselfers from Wooster to Dover rely on Brightside Metal Roofing (330.805.4505) for superior customer service and outstanding products.

Knowing who to trust when considering the differences between a metal and a shingle roof can be overwhelming. One phone call to Brightside Metal Roofing will convince anyone from Kent, Ohio, to Dover, Ohio, that they not only can satisfactorily answer any question on commercial and residential metal roofs, but they also provide the best metal roofing supplies and accessories. This local metal roof manufacturer and supplier helps everyone from Wooster, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, who appreciates the benefits of metal roofing with their impressive inventory of colored and neutral metal roof panels, trim, siding, walls, and accessories, such as butyl tape, roofing caulk, radiant barriers, Eave purlins, and so much more. Home and business owners preparing their roofs for fall and winter can rely on the cost and efficiency of weatherproof steel roofing from Brightside Metal Roofing.

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