Preparing a Natural Stone Deck for Winter is Easy for Homeowners in Boise, Idaho, with the Use of Silca System

By Fiona Vernon

One of the coziest things that many individuals in Nashville, Tennessee, anticipate about fall mornings is enjoying their coffee on their deck while they get ready for the day. Anyone in Raleigh, North Carolina, can imagine sitting on their deck with their eyes closed, taking a deep breath, and opening them to release a disgusted sigh at the sight of the splintered, worn wooden deck. Turn that scenario around and imagine that person opening their eyes, looking around at the brilliant fall leaves, and smiling while they let out a contented sigh. This contentment is a result of their spring project when they transformed their wooden deck to stone deck. They almost panicked at the idea of what needed done to prepare their deck for the winter, then realized that they had chosen a low-maintenance natural stone deck when they improved their outdoor living space with the help of Silca System. Many times, homes from Boise, Idaho, to Fort Worth, Texas, are purchased with a wooden deck already attached, so the owner needs to consider how snow affects their wooden deck; however, if they decide to upgrade to a travertine or slate deck and it is properly installed, they will reduce the necessity of deck cleaning and maintenance dramatically. When they upgrade, they can also consider how snow affects their new stone deck so that they can be the one sitting on the deck next fall letting out a sigh of contentment.

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