Drivers in Rittman, Ohio, Experiencing Transmission Issues in the Cold Weather can Rely on AJ’s Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

The holidays are quickly coming to a close and although Mother Nature has been gentle to Uhrichsville, Ohio, and Tallmadge, Ohio, she’s likely about to unleash the wrath of snow to which the region is accustomed. When the temperatures remain below freezing for a significant amount of time, it can wreak havoc on components that need to operate in it. A vehicle is a finely tuned piece of machinery, so it isn’t uncommon for drivers to experience transmission issues in cold weather. Drivers whose cars won’t go into gear or finds that their transmission is slipping can rely on the experienced staff at AJ’s Transmissions for affordable transmission repair and rebuilding. Not only does this local transmission shop help prevent future problems in domestic and foreign cars with routine vehicle maintenance, but they also excel at heavy-duty diesel snow plow transmission work with free transmission diagnostics and car and truck repair financing. Whether someone in Rittman, Ohio, notices that their Toyota’s check transmission light is on and it’s getting hard to shift gears and there are grinding noises or a driver in Doylestown, Ohio, or a plow driver’s Chevy Silverado’s overdrive light is blinking and it keeps jumping out of four-wheel drive, family-owned and run AJ’s Transmissions has been getting people back on the road quickly for over 25 years.

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