Boost Horse Diets with a Mature Horse Supplement from Ohio-Based Direct Action Company

Just as our own bodies require additional nutrients as we get older, horse diets must change in order to provide these animals with the help they need to retain strength, agility, immune function and more. Fortunately, equine mineral products are fairly easy to come by. The only problem is that many of these so-called “mature horse supplements” contain fillers and lack the ingredients that are essential for horse health improvement. Luckily for horse caretakers, the Yucca 5-Way Pac from Ohio-based Direct Action Company contains a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals that work to benefit mature horses. If you’re concerned about the older mares and stallions in your own Texas, Michigan, or California stables, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the Yucca product from DAC can cause significant improvement in their appearance and energy levels.

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