Calm Older Horses with a Mature Horse Supplement from Ohio-Based Direct Action Company

If one or more of the horses in your New York, Kentucky, or California stables are anxious, edgy, and distracted, incorporating an equine feed additive designed to combat such issues may be in your best interest. As horses that feel tense and nervous can be particularly difficult to ride and train, it’s extremely important to get a handle on the problem. Otherwise, not only could your horse get spooked, but someone else could get hurt in the process. Fortunately, Ohio-based Direct Action Company offers a mature horse supplement that contains a number of healthy vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent equine calming product for adult horses. As B vitamins for horses have been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system, including this all-natural horse supplement in your horses’ daily regimen can help eliminate any anxiety they may be feeling.

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