Residents in Massillon, Ohio and beyond Can Purchase Holiday Gift Certificates from Grahame’s Massotherapy

By Gemma Chriss

grahamesoutsideMany individuals throughout the Massillon, Ohio; Dover, Ohio; and Magnolia, Ohio areas look forward to the arrival of winter each year. Others, however, aren’t quite as eager to trudge through the mounds of snow that are sure to accumulate over the coming months. Around this time of year, it’s not unusual for people to experience discomfort in their neck, back, and shoulders as a result of participating in seasonal activities such as snow shoveling and skiing. In fact, massage therapy clinics often see a significant increase in business during the winter months. To make things a little easier for those in search of back pain relief this season, Grahame’s Massotherapy has begun offering affordable massage deals. Not only can pain sufferers schedule sessions with this AMTA-certified professional at a discounted rate, but those shopping for loved ones can pick up holiday gift certificates as well. Continue reading