Grahame’s Massotherapy in North Canton Helps Those in Need of Springtime Neck and Back Pain Relief

grahamesoutsideBy Gemma Chriss

Now that Mother Nature has finally decided to deliver some nice weather to the Northeast Ohio region, local residents have become much more active. Homeowners throughout Dover, Ohio are getting outside in order to perform some much-needed yard work while those around the Massillon, Ohio area are eager to hit the trails. Unfortunately, this sudden increase in physical activity can cause issues for many individuals. After cleaning out the gutters, biking 10 miles, or even dealing with the stress of wedding planning, it’s not unusual to feel some muscle discomfort. The problem is that most people look for neck and/or back pain relief in all the wrong places. Though pain medication can lessen the severity of symptoms, it does nothing to actually treat the underlying condition. That’s why most experts—like Nicholas Grahame from Grahame’s Massotherapy in North Canton, Ohio—recommend therapeutic massage as a drug-free alternative. Massage therapy has long been praised for its ability to eliminate the pain associated with stress and overexertion, which is why it’s the ideal choice for those who are going to be busy this season. Luckily for those who are interested in this type of treatment, Grahame’s Massotherapy offers a wide range of massage services, including myofascial release, that can target the source of the pain before it becomes too severe.

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