Massillon, Ohio, Relies on Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling to Protect their AC from Severe Weather Damage

by Fiona Vernon

Every homeowner is aware that severe weather can damage their property, but most of them only worry about hail and wind harming their roof and siding. They don’t even consider that lightning can strike, causing extensive damage to wiring and other components, such as the air conditioner. It’s already working overtime with the extreme heat typically experienced from Harmon, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, and thunderstorms and high humidity can increase that strain it’s under. Hey Neighbor Heating and Cooling has been providing communities from North Industry, Ohio, to Canton, Ohio, with affordable AC and furnace repair, seasonal maintenance, 24-hour emergency services without extra fees, and Trane installation for over 30 years. This reputable heating and cooling company can help homeowners lower their utility bills, protect their ACs, and improve energy efficiency. Call 330.875.9300 today or visit their website to get on the schedule.

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