Jay’s Auto Sales Helps Drivers in Akron, Ohio, Rebuild Their Credit Scores with Quality Used Cars

by Fiona Vernon

Some people may love to drive, and others just consider it a fact of life. Either way, it’s necessary for those who work, have kids, and need to keep up with other aspects of life’s demands. Part of the process is having a reliable vehicle that will deliver them and their families safely to their intended destinations. Drivers from Medina, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, rely on the compassion and expertise of Jay’s Auto Sales when they’re in the market for a quality used car. Tax season may be the time of year when it’s most feasible to even consider visiting this local used car lot to use a refund as a down payment. Financial experts agree that it’s one of the best ways to use a tax refund, too! Car buyers with bad credit can take advantage of this buy here pay here dealership’s online car loan application for in-house financing. Their low down payments help clients from North Canton, Ohio, to Wadsworth, Ohio, rebuild their credit scores while investing in affordable cars, trucks, and SUVs that are good in the snow and every season. Call 330.334.1080 or visit their website today!

Instead of endlessly putting money into an old car that just keeps breaking down, take the time now to visit Jay’s Auto Sales. They’ve been serving drivers from Akron to North Canton for almost 40 years with a wide selection of affordable cars, trucks, and SUVs that are all good in the snow. Extreme temperatures are hard on the components of a vehicle. The cold makes the fluids more viscous, increasing the friction between them and causing them to rapidly deteriorate. Other common winter issues can be hard to overcome, like failed spark plugs and dead batteries. Instead of worrying that a vehicle may not start before work, drivers can fill out the online car loan application from this local used car lot to get started on a journey to find a quality used car.

comprehensive automotive service departmentPeople who live in communities from Wadsworth to Medina don’t just need to find ways to get through the winter because it’s sunless and depressing, but they also need to ensure that their vehicles will make it. The problem comes when they are short on money. This buy here pay here dealership offers in-house financing to help car buyers with bad credit rebuild their credit scores. Financial experts all agree that there are good and bad ways to use a tax refund, and one of the best ways to do so is to make regular payments on time on installment loans. Drivers find that they can use their tax refunds for down payments and end up with low weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payments that help their credit and their financial situations.

Jay’s Auto Sales doesn’t only have great deals on a vast array of vehicles. They will be there for their patrons after the sale is complete with a 1,500 mile/30-day warranty, discounts on any repairs that need to be made after it expires, and payment options for repairs. They have helped thousands of drivers get behind the wheel of something beautiful and reliable regardless of their circumstances.

The 237.8 million individuals who get tax refunds tend to look forward to the first few months of the year. Deciding how to make the best use of their money can be stressful, but Jay’s Auto Sales helps car buyers with bad credit from North Canton, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, rebuild their credit scores when they use their tax refunds as downpayments on a quality used car. Eight out of 10 people return to this local used car lot long after their credit has been restored, because their in-house vehicle financing is just that trustworthy. They love being able to get started with their online car loan application from the comfort of their Wadsworth, Ohio, or Akron, Ohio, home. Anyone looking for a buy here pay here dealership with an impressive variety of affordable cars, SUVs, and trucks that are good in the snow will love Jay’s Auto Sales. Call 330.334.1080, visit their website, or go see them in person today!

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